Does Where You Live Affect How Well You Live?

How does the community you live in impact your wellness?Where I live, a lot of people, myself included, live in a kind of semi-rural setting: large wooded lots, houses on a couple of acres or much more, spread far apart with woods and fields, and country roads in between them. It’s beautiful and peaceful - this setting definitely contributes to my sense of wellness on a daily basis....more

Outlaw Walkway Texting Before Someone Gets Hurt

I was looking forward to my morning appointment today, but it seemed it was not going to happen after all, because the person I was scheduled to meet didn’t show up for work today and no one from her office took the time to call me. HmmmmImmediately I thought about the amount of time I had wasted driving through traffic to get to my, (as of yesterday’s conversation) confirmed appointment. Then I thought about having a full hour of free time to myself. I shifted my energy and decided to view it as an invitation rather than an imposition.  ...more

The Pertussis Epidemic and the Anti-Vaccination Movement

These notices should shock you, too -- into action, into calling your pediatrician to make sure your kids are up-to-date on their pertussis vaccinations; into calling your own doctor to make sure you're up-to-date, and getting a Tdap booster if you need it. In other words, into taking pertussis seriously. ...more
UsernameNAB thinkingautism Promoting faux autism therapies sold by charlatans under the label ...more

Kid's Blood Samples Taken At Birthday Parties? Need Any Further Proof Vaccines Don't Cause Autism??

Children getting their blood drawn at a birthday party? Did the invite remind kids to wear short sleeves and skip breakfast?  Has this become an accepted party game along side the bouncy castles and treasure hunts?  It is if you're Dr....more

Fruit Salad Day Serves Up Health and Nutrition

In line with the USDA’s recent ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ initiative, eighth graders at East Palo Alto Charter School held an event called “Fruit Salad Day” for their entire school on Sept. 17, 2009. The 15 students in the school’s Garden Elective class helped to wash, chop, mix, and serve seasonal fruits donated by farmers' markets in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto to more than 300 schoolmates. ...more

FDA Commissioners Outline Public Health Role

This past week the new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioners outlined a turn-around plan. The FDA, an agency apart of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is responsible for “protecting the public health”, as stated by the Supreme Court. This entails the oversight of over $2 trillion in medical products, foods, and other consumer goods. ...more

Aid organizations fight cholera in Zimbabwe -- should troops follow?

In the troubled south African nation of Zimbabwe, death is in the water. ...more

What is Public Health? What is Poverty?

In honor of today's Blog Action Day on poverty, here is a background on poverty and how social marketing can be applied, as I saw broken down by Philip Kotler himself at the World Social Marketing Conference. ...more

Measles Rates Climbing, Could Communication be the Key?

Thursday's New York Times included an alarming piece about climbing measles rates. This is an issue of particular interest in my home state, where we experienced a fairly serious outbreak this Spring. ...more

...that now in our uninsured state it's actually easier to get that flexibility.  When I want ...more