Thoughts from a First Time Entrepreneur: One Year In

If anyone told me, even five years ago, that I would leave my position as vice president of an established, Washington PR agency to start my own, I would have said they told her she was crazy. But here I am, a year and a half after the launch of my own PR firm, and I’m so happy I decided to dream bigger, trusting my vision enough to make that leap....more

Business cards madness - 5 great examples from Portland

I went to a speed networking meeting on March 8th with Portland bloggers, I had the chance to meet awesome and inspiring bloggers and I received a lot of business cards. Of course such as any professional, when you receive something related to your field, your brain can only do one thing… Analyze it! ...more

Fill in the Blanks: Advertising & PR today – What would you do if____?

Corporations today are faced with many decisions in this changing world of advertising and public relations. They have to make daily choices between traveling unchartered land and keeping to the traditional comfort zone. Everything seemed so much simpler in the 80s. Marketers did not rely on the Internet to deliver thousands of messages. Advertisements and communiqués were controlled and protected....more

Are You Better Off than You Were 4 Years Ago?

"Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” That’s the question Republicans are imploring Americans to answer as they make their way to the voting booths in November.  Let’s put politics and party affiliations aside and apply this question to you and your career, to you and your company.Most of us don’t think in 4-year chunks. We are retrospective and introspective about the early days, last year or even last week. Four years is a rather arbitrary benchmark post-college.  And we aren’t choosing a President of Public Relations, though that would be great fun....more

What Is the Difference between Marketing and PR?

As a writer for a Chicago marketing company, I’ve seen that many people use the terms public relations and marketing interchangeably, but the truth is, they are not the same thing. What exactly are they? How are they different? And, most importantly, which one should your business be using? Quick Definitions Marketing: The process of promoting, selling or distributing a product or service; the work of moving goods from producer to purchaser ...more
cardamomaddict  So if marketing is spin, and PR is accurate (in an ethical PR practice) then is ...more

What I Do

You may have seen the “What I Do” meme floating around. I saw Professors, Stay-at-Home Moms, Stage Managers, IT peoples. But no PR. And if ever there was a profession where people give you blank stares, it’s mine.So I made one."It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins." Follow our adventures at

Bringing Beloved Creations to the Light of Day

I have been quietly building a pet project over the past year. I’ve worked and worked and worked, and I’ve done about all I can to get it ready. It’s time to show it the world.Yikes.Suddenly, I’m no longer so sure of this thing I’ve built. Is this a stupid idea? Is the execution awful? Who am I to throw this out at the world? Am I qualified at all? Who is going to pay attention to little old me?...more

Dear Mr. Fall, You Really Need Some PR

"Dear Mr. Fall: It’s time for you to benefit from some positive public relations. You are having a crisis right now and you need a PR plan ASAP. Best regards, Me" Cheers to fall! Or, not? Despite the balmy temps on this first day of autumn, everyone seems to be lamenting the end of summer and the beginning of “leaving-for-work-in-the-dark-and-getting-home-in-the-dark.” New York weather is back to the high 70s but we had a taste of you, Mr. Fall, with a dip to 50-degree temperatures last week....more

The Morning I Became a Douchebag on and Our Hamster Died

I subscribe to the “Help a Reporter Out” emails that match up members of the media with “experts” for their stories. I scan the emails for my real job and also look for opportunities to promote my blog as a valued resource on butt puckering or jock strap shopping....more
I'm really surprised by the commentary - it must have been so unexpected! But the great thing is ...more

Grow Your Business With Article Marketing

Did you know that writing and publishing articles on the Internet can be an effective and affordable way to grow your business and increase your visibility?  There are hundreds of article aggregators online today that are actively looking for the kind of expert content you can provide to others.  ...more