I just want to pee alone

So a girl walks into a bathroom (I know, you thought I was going to say bar, didn’t you) … not a swanky powder room, but a restroom – you know, like in an office building that houses roughly 3,000 of your coworkers on any given day. Yea. One of those bathrooms. One with twelve stalls, six sinks, a couple of full length mirrors and, for some odd reason or another, a scale....more

Public Restrooms: Way Too Many Ways to “Go” and Wash your Hands Afterwards

Wow – public restroom facilities have changed over the past ten years!...more

Midlife Cabernet: Please Don't Pee on the Seat

That yell heard yesterday in the Minneapolis Airport was me in the women's bathroom. In a hurry to visit the restroom before changing planes, I dashed into the first open stall, quickly arranged the paper halo around the seat, and then unwittingly sat in the residue of a squatter - those intrepid women who think they can avoid germs by hovering over the toilet and doing their business without sitting down. This physical act required thigh muscles of a wrestler and accurate aim seen only in "The Hunger Games."...more
That is why I (almost) always grab a handful of paper, wipe the seat then do the rest of the ...more

I'll Just Leave This Here.

 *dies a thousand deaths*---...more

In Search of Past Things: The Shame of Public Bathrooms

No one I know particularly enjoys using public restrooms. Everything about it is distasteful: waiting for your turn, for example, broadcasts to the world that you have to use the toilet. Sometimes you’re just waiting to spot-clean the coffee stain from your shirt, but it doesn’t matter. People still look at you knowingly. Add to this unpleasantness the adjunct activity of exiting the restroom and meeting - or, in my case, avoiding - the gaze of the person next in line. This is why I tend to limit my visits to these facilities to two minutes or less....more

Some Interesting, Yet Confusing Observations Concerning PUBLIC RESTROOMS

There are many thing that one could observe concerning PUBLIC RESTROOMS.  First, I am absolutely amazed at the apparent size of a woman's bladder compared to a man's.  Have you EVER seen a line outside a men's restroom?  I have often wondered about that line phenomenon (or lack there of for the men's room...), while myself waiting and crossing my legs in MY outrageously long one.  To take my mind off of tinkling in my pants, I find my mind wandering, pondering other observations I could also make about PUBLIC RESTROOMS, in general. ...more

Scaring the Sh*t Out of Them

I have a distaste for public bathrooms. Actually, it goes beyond that. My aversion rests just slightly above phobia. I hate them. Now that I have potty-trained toddlers, I end up spending a lot of time in my favorite little, dingy, smelly rooms, trying my hardest to act like these are like any other rooms and like I'm not utterly disgusted that my kids are using this toilet that everyone else uses. Because, really, when you type it out, it's not so bad. This is really an aversion I should get over. But I can't.Anyway, so far, I've done a pretty good job faking it....more

Mutha Lion

I like to think I am one. I like to think I have at least a bit of the spirit of my mother, Mama Rose, who once said to a former boyfriend of my sister’s who had pushed her around, “If you ever touch my daughter again, I’ll have you killed. And I know the people to do it.” (And she did. The old broad’s Italian, after all.) I like to think that Disney developed “African Cats” based on my parenting skills....more

reality never measures up, does it? i, too, am a thoroughly devoted mother in theory - in ...more

Potty Parity: Let's Design the Dream Public Restroom

The government feels your pain about pubic restrooms in federal buildings. Earlier this morning, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a legislative hearing about (brace yourselves) H.R. 4869, the “Restroom Gender Parity in Federal Buildings Act,” also known as the “Potty Parity Act.” Apparently there is an imbalance in women's restrooms as compared to men's restrooms in federal buildings. ...more
the deoderizer idea is nice in theory, but those sprays are full of pthalates - BPA kind of ...more

iPhone App Helps You Find Clean Public Bathrooms

Now here's an iPhone app moms will love. You might not like the name, but you'll love how SitOrSquat.com will help you find the cleanest public bathroom anywhere in the world. This free mobile app for iPhones and BlackBerry's is courtesy of Charmin. ...more