To Paraphrase Seinfeld's George

The expressway was angry that day.Well, not actually the expressway.I left work at 5PM.Where my bus would take the exit, there was a major back-up on the expressway because the accident closed the main road up to my current homestead.Fortunately,my nephew Greg was there to save the day....more

Savoring Peace and Quiet

When you are stuck living in a metropolitan area and have to rely on public transportation, you really come to love summer, unless your bus isn’t air-conditioned. Coming into work today, my neighbor and I discussed the fact that school was soon to start again and how we had better take advantage of a nice quiet bus for a few more weeks. ...more

A Family Experiment: No Car

Ever notice how The Universe will often force you into a healthy transition that you've been pondering anyway? Even when employing my very best avoidance and denial tactics, I'm always amazed how the mighty hand of Change will swoop in and rearrange my life's furniture with a sharper feng shui in mind. Swift acceptance is key, I believe....more
The story is inspiring. I have just stopped driving and am beginning to find ways to do without ...more

Our Bus Riding Adventure

About 8am this morning, my daughter (L.) started pulling books out of the bookshelf and throwing them across the room. I knew it was going to be one of those days. And I didn't have anything planned. It was a little grey outside and I had dreams of cuddling on the couch reading stories in our pajamas. Not today. So, we decided to go on an adventure. ...more

Be Green, Get Lean: The Secret Benefits of Mass Transit

Want to drop a size or two without changing your diet or putting in more hours at the gym? Start taking public transit! ...more

Few facts...

New York is distinguished from all other American cities by its use of public ...more

Are Women Afraid of Public Transportation Environments?

Ask many a driver why she doesn't take public transit, and a good number will cite safety reasons. While I think this safety issue's often overblown by the Prius-driving neighbors in my Santa Monica neighborhood who drive around midday with the excuse that bus stops can be dangerous in the middle of the night, both real and perceived dangers can certainly keep people -- especially women -- from taking to our public transit systems. ...more

It is never my first, second or even third choice to take public transportation.  I was ...more

Using Your Drive Time Efficiently

Life is busy! And our time is finite. If we use our time well, life is less chaotic and we have more time for things we love. Here are a few tips for making the most of our travel time:     * Travel during non-peak traffic hours whenever possible.     * If flexible hours are offered at work, and it works for you, start your work day earlier or later than normal, saving hours by driving at off times.     * Carpool or ride public transportation if possible, using that time to do something else. ...more

its not easy being green

i have a confession. since moving to washington d.c. i sometimes indulge in long, unadulterated fantasies about my little red ford escape. i catch my mind wandering to those blissful collegiate days, when i had to walk a mere half mile to the parking lot at st. olaf college and put the keys in the ignition for instant transportation to such exotic locales as cub foods, target, or the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul. life was good. ...more