Educate Yourself to Make the Job Search Easier - Read Industry Publications

It is wonderful to educate yourself and make the job search more successful by reading industry publications. Each day there are people all over the country who are seeking work. Some are traditional employees who want to go and offer their services to employers at brick and mortar locations. Other people seeking work are entrepreneurs who are seeking more customers for their businesses. Still others are people who work at home like freelance writers who are looking for their next contracts....more

Are You an Idea Hoarder?

Like the thousand china unicorns the poor souls on Hoarding keep in shoeboxes and the 906 Dunkin’ Donuts travel mugs in the bathtub, inert ideas can clutter the minds of academics until there isn’t room for anything new. That’s when we start tripping over ourselves and falling down on the job.Thoughts? Comments? Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Time to create some product

One of the things I do (snort, in my spare time, you know from 12:45-1pm on alternate Tuesdays and Saint Swiven's day...) is write. As is evidenced from this whole blog thing where I write words and put it out there for all three of my fans (who coincidentally happen to also be my sisters) to read. But I also write fiction. Science fiction, for the most part. And one day I hope to have my work sold. ...more

Just testing

I write on Suburban ...more

Confessions of a magazine & catalog addict

I’m a third generation magazine and catalog addict.  My grandmother loved them.  My mother loved them.  And a fourth generation is now well represented by my daughter. When I was a child, even before I could read, Mother saved all her magazines and catalogs for me.  I was fascinated by how she treated them like treasures.  Not one was thrown away until it had been read and read and re-read. ...more