How to Destroy Your Child's Heart and Trust -- One Facebook Post at a Time

I wrote recently about the Private Parent and shared a few things I do in an effort to build a solid, if somewhat hidden, foundation in the lives of my children. ...more
Very, very well written post.  And quite timely in my opinion.  I don't think it's ok to ...more

So... Have you ever tried to abduct a child? - Repost from WordPress

So, this weekend, Tim, Eric and I went to the farmer’s market in Urbana.  I had wanted to go for a while, so we packed up and drove over.  After arriving, we ran into an old friend for a few minutes and wandered around.  I must say, the Urbana market is wonderful; there were vendors of all kinds and fresh bread, plants, vegetables.  I will definitely go back again.  I got some blueberry scones, radishes and bright red strawberries. ...more

And that mom should have realized it. I tell my daughter she should find someone in a uniform OR ...more