How To Get Published, Part 9: Working With an Editor

First we need to go back to those terms and define some roles. You are going to be working with an editor and a publisher. Sometimes, they are one and the same person, but they'll be doing two very different jobs with you. An editor is working with you to tighten (or produce) the content. They will be looking at ideas, character development, tone, pace--and they may also do a little line editing. The publisher--the person who acquired your manuscript--is more in charge of the life of the book after it's done. ...more
Thank-you so much for going into such detail. Great information!more

When an author dies - tribute to Randy Pausch and more

I know. I know. Sounds maudlin. Is maudlin. But it happens. I was a few days late in learning that Randy Pausch passed away.  Carnegie Mellon professor and author of the much publicized book, The Last Lecture, Pausch made an impact on a lot of strangers. Including me. ...more

Let the Blogging Begin by Stormi Willis

Let the Blogging Begin by Stormi Willis Well, thank you Jeannie, Dawn, and ABC for giving credibility to blogging. My good friend, that would be Jeannie, (and avid reader of the newspaper articles and small Magazine I design, write, and occasionally publish free to the public when we can afford to print it) saw Dawn’s story on ABC News. Knowing me, she called and said, “This is for you, it is what you were born to do.” Don’t you love when rhymes slip out like that? ...more