My Tipping Point Regarding "Influence" in Book Blogging

I stay out of drama. I'm not about drama in the blogosphere because, generally speaking, my blog is my happy place. To put things in perspective, I've been blogging for seven years as of February 21st (I've already written the happy, gushy post). I was here before review books and NetGalley. I was here before authors and bloggers started quibbling. I was here before there was a debate over what constitutes a "review" or a "reaction." I was here before it was cool. I was here before it made money....more
@sagustocox Glad you liked it! It was a quick draft after I saw some crazzyyy blogging mess on ...more

E-books, I Kind of Want to Quit You

As I look at my relationship with e-books I'm starting to considering writing them a "Dear John" letter. Dear e-books, it's not me. It's you. Oh, there are still many things I love about e-books but lately my frustrations are reaching a level where I'm almost considering giving them up. ...more
I love my Kindle and liked to point out a short story by Isaac Asimov to middle-schoolers; in a ...more

Celebrities find writing isn't child's play

BARACK Obama's presidency will reach a milestone of historic proportions on November 16. No, it is not the mid-term congressional elections. It is the release by his book publisher of his new book. A children's book. With the publication of Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, Mr Obama will join the throng of celebrities, including some Australians, with a mystifying desire to fill the gaps left by The Wind in the Willows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other works by recognised children's authors....more

EBook Readers Unite!

The argument rages on about the why publishers feel the need to use DRM in their eBook formats. Recently, there have been some excellent responses as to how DRM is harming the eBook industry and its growth potential. ...more

Get Publishers and Book Agents to Notice You

6 Reasons to Use a Blog to Build Readership Before You Publish and Attract Agents and Publishers Free Audio: 1 hour and 20 minutes of real examples and useful resources which will help you understand how to use a blog to market and improve your writing. I am really excited to share my ideas on how to use a blog and Web 2.0 to launch or build your writing career and how to attract readers, agents, and publishers to your writing. I've given this talk several times but never took the time to record it. ...more

Fixing ePublishing's Image

  Over the past year there have been several ePubs that have gone under, been in the news and/or behaved badly or wonderfully depending on one’s POV. In considering some of the brouhahas, I’ve formed the opinion that a number of these ePublishers have been their own worst enemy. Problem is they drag not only themselves through the mud, but the rest of us as well. The MisGuided   ...more

David and Goliath

Last week, word got out that Amazon is requiring small press publishers to use their newly acquired BookSurge print facilities or lose their “buy” button on Amazon’s website. I’ve never liked strong-arm tactics or unethical business behavior, and I don’t patronize businesses that exhibit these things. I take my business elsewhere. Example, I haven’t bought a gallon of Exxon gas since the Valdez scandal. Does this really impact Exxon’s business? No, but if everyone stuck to it like I have for the past 19 years then it would impact them. ...more