Ask an Author/Book Giveaway

Sandie Lee Bumples Family First Come join us March 7th-10th for our FREE book draw and ask an Author.  I have the creators of 'The Adventures of Footenbarn - Hot Seat' taking your questions.  Don't have a question?  No problem.  Leave a comment and you'll still be eligible for the FREE book draw on Wednesday March 10th :)...more

Indie Publishing: Following in the Footsteps of Indie Films, Music

This week the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference took place with session topics ranging from "Evolving business models in publishing" to "What readers want." Among the keynoters was Ariana Huffington, who said, "We have entered the golden age of engagement. Publishing needs to combine best of old and new worlds."...more

Ink on the Rejection Slips

A passage that ought to give all struggling writers hope, from Booker-prize winner Graham Swift's Making an Elephant....more

Amazon Pulls Macmillan Books (Then Puts Them Back)

Amazon shocked consumers, publishers and authors on January 29 when it pulled Macmillan books from direct sale on over an e-book pricing dispute. Amazon and Macmillan each believed that its model was the best, and that the other company would have to cave to its demands. Amazon may have shot off the first round in this pricing war, but before the weekend was over it waved a white flag of surrender....more

The authors have any control or knowledge about where their books are sold. They generally ...more

What Will eBooks, Readers and Nooks Mean to Book Publishing?

Armed with the Barnes & Noble e-reader nook I gave to my 87-year-old father for his birthday, I went to my favorite Barnes & Noble store on Sunday morning. Not so long ago, I was a regular at this store. It was almost guaranteed that I never left without some kind of purchase. ...more

I'm stubborn.  I love my books.  That being said,  I see an eReader in my ...more

A Decade of Books

When I sat down and started thinking about the last decade and what it's meant for books, publishing and libraries, my first thought was that it was a heck of a decade. In the past ten years, the internet exploded, and I really cannot get over how so much of what I associate with these topics is all online -- or influenced by what I read or how I interact on the internet. Granted, much of what I remember is heavily weighted to post-2005 events, because that's when I started book blogging. Here's what springs to mind for me when I reflect on the last decade. ...more

but I do feel the desire to hide it under a bushel at the moment. But thanks for the ...more

2009 - A Personal Retrospective


Publishing Wars: Hardcovers vs. E-books

The past couple of weeks have been filled with the buzz of a great publishing battle starring the hardcover vs the e-book. Lines are being drawn in the sand and the two sides are butting heads with the intensity of a pair of cranky mountain goats. ...more

The science fiction / fantasy community had this discussion back in the mid-90s.  The ...more