Mommy and Me Getaway to San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico is one of the most historical and majestic islands in the Caribbean. The culture is rich and the food is delicious. Many travelers come to San Juan to experience its old town charm and tropical lands.  With no passport required for U.S. Citizens, Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for family travel....more

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: Tour of El Morro

This gloomy weather has me looking back to our vacation to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, a couple of years ago. We had a blast. It was hot and sunny for most of our stay. We explored the city, ate delicious food and visited several historical landmarks....more

Puerto Rico: More Than Baseball

We are the largest of the Lesser Antilles and the smallest of the Greater Antilles. After the Hispanic American War, Spain gave us to the US as a military loot when signing the Paris Treaty in 1898. Since then we have been a U.S. incorporated territory.    More than four million people (US citizens) live on this island, we have about 1,000  people per square mile. ...more
@KarenLynnn Karen,  thank you for sharing something nice about our island.  I live on west ...more

Puerto Rico Babymoon

A couple of weekends ago, the husband and I decided we needed a vacation before the baby arrives-our Babymoon.  Now, what exactly is a Babymoon? Basically this is a trip to anywhere you choose so you can spoil yourself one last time before your bundle of joy arrives.  Lets face it, once the baby comes you can’t hop on a plane for a last minute anything unless you have made arrangements.  Where you go is up to you-the mountains to snuggle by a cozy fire or if you are like me, the beach is the place to go!...more

Puerto Rico by the Pool

 @KarenLynnn I am willing to bet you are right. Something you are taking is possible.more

We're Going to Puerto Rico!

One of the places I’ve wanted to go with the hubby since we’ve been married is Puerto Rico.  My ex took me there and it was such a great experience for me touring, I wanted to share it with hubby2.  I wasn’t really keen on driving all over the island again like I did with hubby1, but I sure wanted Michael to see how beautiful it was in that part of the Caribbean.    ...more
ENJOY AMIGA! I am still sitting here hoping, praying, waiting, dreaming of that ONE vacation my ...more