Party Pleasers: Sausage Bites With Pine Nuts

Ah, the summer is here.  Picnic and party time.  Also hot as you know what, and incredible laziness sets in before you even have a chance to realize it.  Cooking sessions become shorter, farther apart, and I don’t know about you, but my creativity in this heat all boils down (ha ha, no pun intended, but totally fitting) to whether to sprinkle fresh herbs on top of my plate of boring dinner or not....more

5 Things You Can Create Using Puff Pastry

  Ohhh the pastry crust, how I love you!  There are so many things one can whip up with pastry crust, that will look as if it had taken you all day!  I always like to have this ingredient on hand in my freezer just in case I need to make anything last minute,s ay for last minute guests!...more

Little Puff Pastry Pizzas With Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, and Cheese

[Editor's Note: Though this recipe was designed as an appetizer, it would also make a quick and easy elegant dinner option! Use the baking time to add a salad, and you're all set. --Genie] ...more
I am going to have to try this!  My teenagers love making their own pizzas because they all want ...more

Halloween-themed cinnamon apple turnovers, puff pastry

I made these puff pastry apple turnovers for Halloween – they look and work perfectly as Halloween magical “wizard hats” – a fun way to decorate pies or tarts. How to make cinnamon apple turnovers: Prep time: 20 min Ingredients: 1 puff pastry sheet,defrosted ...more

The Great Reveal: Salmon Wellington

At the gym today I might have stumbled upon the Maury Show. Riveting television. Seems Maury has changed the formula for these types of programs and is now the great rapid revealer of all truths. Today’s program was filled with cheating husbands, lying wives and paternity mysteries. Previously, these types of programs would make you wait :56 minutes before finding out the results of the DNA or lie detector tests. Not anymore. The new formula: Maury revealed results in six different cases in rapid fire succession....more

Cheese Puff Sticks

These super-easy cheese sticks make a great side dish for with dinner....or even an afternoon snack!See the Recipe!...more

Pesto Mozzarella Egg Galette with Roasted Red Peppers

This lovely little galette uses puff pastry instead of pizza crust as the base for typical pizza toppings (pesto, mozzarella).  The puff pastry adds a light, airy quality to the tart as opposed to a pizza’s dense crust.  Because the puff pastry is so delicate, tomato sauce would probably weigh the dough down, so pesto is a perfect alternative.  The over easy egg adds an incredible visual element to this galette- along with a wonderfully runny egg yolk you can dip the “crust” in....more

Puff pastry waffles filled with fruit jam

Warm pastry, with warm fruit jam and some icing powder on top is just divine. It melts in your mouth. After trying this, I have to admit that puff pastry baked in a waffle iron is so much more tasty than baked in the oven....more

Cannoncini all Crema Pasticcera

Cannoncini alla Crema Pasticcera (Pastry Horns with Italian Pastry Cream) - Buttery, flaky puff pastry sprinkled with sanding sugar and filled with creamy, vanilla bean Italian pastry cream.  An easy recipe for delicious Italian Pastries. ...more

On Parmesan Twists, Redux (Christmas "Wine and Wrapping" Recipe)

I'm a sucker for Bing Crosby Christmas songs. And appetizers. And wine! And I see no better opportunity than Christmas Eve to play some "White Christmas," sit down with some great little snacks, some drinks, some company, and finish my wrapping. For this year's "Wine and Wrapping" appetizers, we did Parmesan twists and ham on Triscuits (hey, delicious doesn't have to be snobby) with a green onion and dill Neufchâtel cheese spread. (Cream cheese is fine, but Neufchâtel is usually a little less expensive. And more interesting to write.)...more

I wanted a pre-meltdown snack that would be impressive-looking and take the place of lunch ...more