Pumpkin Muffins with Pecan Streusel Topping

I have probably said it before but I LOVE pumpkin! I made this recipe up and they disappeared before everyone in my family tried them or I got to take pictures. So I worked on another batch. Again they all disappeared, but not before I got a few pictures. Now I am going to have to make another batch of these pumpkin muffins because I only got one! I hope that your family enjoys the recipe as well as mine does. ...more

Vegan Pumpkin Muffins


Pumpkin Flax Muffins

These pumpkin flax muffins are healthy and delicious! Craving something sweet and spicy? These healthy pumpkin muffins make a perfect fall treat! This muffin recipe is low in fat and high in fiber. The flax also provides added Omega-3's!...more

Yummy (and easy!) Pumpkin Muffins

These pumpkin muffins are crazy easy to make, and always turn out so moist and delicious. They are a huge favorite in our house....more
So you do not add eggs to this recipe? Just 1 large can of pumpkin is all the moisture this cake ...more

Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Muffins

What better way to welcome autumn than with some scrumptious pumpkin, Nutella (need I say more?!) muffins!...more

Raving Good Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Yum!  So gooey good and chock full of vitamin A.  You'll just love these.  Autumn pleasures. ...more

Pumpkin streusel muffins

Nothing signals fall like the smell of pumpkin wafting through the house.  And there's something so warm and comforting when you bite into a freshly baked muffin.  I usually like mine with a sweet glaze melting down the sides.  But this time, I opted for a crumbly streusel topping, which makes for a nice contrast to the subtle spiciness of the bread....more

Low-Carb Pumpkin Muffins

I noticed last night that it seems like I am posting a pumpkin recipe every week lately. This was not intentional, but see, when I kept hearing about pumpkin shortages, I got scared. I’m not sure why because I live in the South. But, that didn’t really matter to me. I HAD to get to the store to get as much pumpkin as possible....more
these look great, I am looking for new low carb recipies as Im getting bored with the same old ...more

Recipe: Orange Pumpkin Muffins

Here is my recipe for orange pumpkin muffins. They are very dense, moist and yummy! :-)http://foodlies.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/recipe-orange-pumpkin-muffins/ ...more

food: iced pumpkin spice muffins

  I made muffins. Super easy muffins. With super easy, pretty fancy looking icing.   I may have eaten one straight out of the oven. Or two.   Can you blame me though?  ...more