Pumpkin Pie with Salted Pecan Brittle

Spiced Heirloom Pumpkin Pie with Salted Pecan Brittle For me, pumpkin pie is a must for Thanksgiving.  It hits all my sweet spots with creaminess, fragrant pie spices and flaky buttery crust.  Also, all that whipped cream on top makes it ethereal.My pumpkin filling recipe has been in the family since I can remember.  My youngest brother was a very picky eater as a child; and my mother would bake the filling in custard cups for him.  Some days that was all he ate....more

Brown Butter Pumpkin Sage Bread

Nothing says Thanksgiving to me like the smell of sage! (Am I alone?) It's my favorite herb for the occasion and I add it to everything from stuffing to roasted sweet potatoes. As I was thinking of how to use the last of my pumpkin purée, I knew sage had to be included into the last pumpkin recipe of the season....more
Oh wow. The sage is a really nice touch.more

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Winter Squash

Nancy Anne HarbordCookingDid you know that you can make a flavourful, beautifully orange stock from squash scraps?...more

Autumn Pumpkin & Potato Gratin

Nancy Anne HarbordMy first ever kitchen job was working as a prep cook at an organic cafe in Bordeaux, Bistro Bio, as part of a language exchange. Speaking very little French, I rarely had any idea what was going on, but I did learn something extremely valuable – something absolutely central to my present happiness and career. The joy of vegetables....more

Cheddar Pumpkin Wonton Cups

Cheddar Pumpkin Wonton Cups. ...more
Oh my. Umm, wow. These look amazing. *WANT*more

Pumkin gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce - Thanksgiving

Pumpkin gnocchi with gorgonzola sauceThanksgiving, such a beautiful holiday!!...more

Savory Pumpkin Hummus

Savory Pumpkin HummusA fall inspired hummus with a hint of exotic warmth and spice.View the recipe:http://www.thesensuist.com/Recipes-Pumpkin_Hummus.html...more

Pumpkin walnut muffins

Yesterday I decided to make a big batch of pumpkin muffins. I found this quick and easy recipe from Very Best Baking. I thought the addition of orange juice was so unique and you don't really taste it, I think it just enhances the flavor of the pumpkin. I added walnuts because I like to have a crunch to my muffins.Oh, that's Oliver on the plate by the way, making his debut. ...more

Autumn Scenes from Sonoma

A post without words....more