Spooktacular Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin Chili with tender bits of butternut squash, and meaty ground chicken for a delicious and healthy meal....more

Pumpkin Dip

There are tons of pumpkin recipes everywhere this time of year, but I promise that you'll want to make room on your dessert list for just one more pumpkin recipe...this delicious dip! ...more

Pumpkin Almond Milk

Low Carb Pumpkin Sausage Soup

It's fall, so it's time for pumpkins!...more

Pumpkin Picking

I took the kids to this amazing pumpkin patch that was miles and miles long, at least that's what they thought. It was actually in front of a local church in my town and was not even half a mile long. The kids thought it was HUGE though and we spent almost 45 minutes there touching EVERY SINGLE FREAKING pumpkin....more

Pumpkin Spice is a Scourge

As most of you know, I am taking part in BlogHer’s October NaBloPoMo. The theme this month is “Crunch” but, as usual, the only crunch I have been really focused on is the time crunch. There always seems to be somewhere I need to go or something I need to get done....more

Pumpkin Pancakes

Fall means pumpkin and pumpkin is in every coffee house in the country.  Today I am going to rerun my favorite pumpkin pancakes. I love these and plan on making them loads this fall. Next week I will share my very own copy cat recipe of Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins.  For now try these and enjoy.  Let me know if you made them and how they worked out for you!!!...more

Vegetable Lasagna in Pumpkin Sauce

This is it! The final day of 2014’s 13 Days of Pumpkin. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Last year, I was so happy once it was over…but this year, I’m a little sad. I still have so many things I didn’t get to try. But that just means the series will be back next year!Anyway, today’s lasagna is really exciting because I was so nervous to try it. It turned out amazingly, though. I’m so happy with it!...more

Pumpkin Bombs

This post was featured on Natasha in Oz.We are on Day 12 of 13 Days of Pumpkin and what better way to celebrate our final Friday than with a nice beverage.Or in this case, the fall version of an Irish Car Bomb....more