when fall is non-existent

I haven't been able to make myself make a fall bucket list because a) it's still been 90 degrees in Texas and b)...well, there is no b) because did you read a)? I wore shorts the other day and in my mind I knew that technically it was seasonally inappropriate to wear shorts in October, but it was shorts weather!...more

11 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

These pumpkin ideas are so cute, from around the blogosphere.I love making it easy for my readers to find crafts and recipes.GO HERE TO SEE THESE AND GET INSTRUCTIONS...more

No, We Don't Carve Pumpkins

I have two boys -- almost 11 and 8.  Regular wild boys.But you know what?  We don't carve pumpkins.Now, I hear your outrage -- "WHAT?!?!?  EVERYONE CARVES THEIR PUMPKINS!"Nope.  Not us.We tried to carve them when my oldest was little.  The outcome?  Wretching.  Gagging.  Running away.  Completely grossed out.  He even had "Carve a Pumpkin Day" at school.  Nope -- he was 'disgusted' and asked to sit AWAY from the STENCH....more

For the love of pumpkins

 "I love you!" I shout to Mr. T, jumping into his lap and planting a noisy kiss (or seven)."Why?" he asks, barely containing the impulse to wipe his face....more

The Red Pumpkin Soup Did The Trick

The experience I share with you today is one I am sure most of you would relate to. Isn't it very satisfying when you cook up a meal with something your husband and children don't like ( read: certain vegetables) and find them actually enjoying the dish once you have served it up?...more

#Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas!

You’ll love these photos! I hope! I made them up on PicMonkey.The old jack-o-lantern is getting a serious makeover!  Give your neighbors front-porch-envy come Halloween. And they’re wicked-easy, so this holiday go over-gourd!...more

6 Things to do with Pumpkins Besides Carving!

The other day I was thinking of some other things that I could do with pumpkins besides carve them, or just leave them there to look pretty. Since I'm not that good at carving.. the thing I made last year looked like a freaky clown... I really thought about using them in the way that I would use other things in my own home.. except just now let pumpkins do that work!So here is what I came up with--you can personalize any of what I've shown below to suit your own style and decor!  Have fun and make this a family project!...more
Sure. Here you go then Pumpkin Fritters. 2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin Half cup cake flour 1 ...more

Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Nothing says fall or winter more than pumpkin.  From pies to breads to soups, I love everything pumpkin....more
Mmmm, yummy...I may have to try to make this. It looks and sounds delis! Thanks for sharing! ...more

4 Pretty Pumpkins

Fam Friday - Punkins

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmI planted something new-to-me this year.Pumpkins.I have this stone wall that I usually plant annuals by, but then I don't keep up with the weeding and it looks like an embarassing jungle.So I thought, pumpkins grow all rambly and viney, so if I plant them by the stone wall, it'll still look like a jungle, but like it's supposed to be a jungle.There is a difference....more