Womenomics: That Pesky Work-Balance Issue and the Anchorwomen

Last week, on the back deck of Punditmom's house, I was lucky enough to meet and listen to ABC's Claire Shipman and BBC's Katty Kay as they talked about their new book, Womenomics.  It was thrilling to hear them talk about the new "facts of life" - that, in fact, it's now good business to hire women and move them up the ladder, and to ...more

Cynthia -- It was so nice seeing you at the Womenomics talk.  Thanks for the kind words about ...more

What About the Next 100 Days of Obama's Presidency?

Instant gratification. We are a nation of wanting the quick hit. That's one reason why so many of us have been following the coverage all week of the 100th day of Barack Obama's presidency. ...more

This is a great overview, especially in relation to what Obama has done for women. Thanks for ...more

White House Communications Director Ellen Moran's 100 Days

White House Communications Director Ellen Moran is bidding farewell to her plum appointment before Barack Obama has officially been in office for 100 days. Moran is one of just a handful of women in Obama's official inner circle and is the only woman in his communications shop. ...more

Political Makeovers for Women!

Women love makeovers. We can't help it. Even the most serious-minded of us like a little change now and then. Who doesn't crave a new lip gloss or yearn for an updated hair style from time to time? (Excuse me for a moment, I hear the Bobbi Brown counter calling my name!) The same thing goes for politics. And ladies, it's more than time to give our country a political makeover! ...more

Congratulations to the other women running for office - it's amazing how daunting it can be ...more

Maternal Health Around the World Needs a Shot in the Arm

Childbirth is the leading cause of death for women around the world. About one woman every minute will die as a result of a pregnancy-related complication. Pretty scary, huh? But I bet I got your attention. Which is good, because I'm writing today about an effort launched this week on Capitol Hill by The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood and CARE called Mother's Day Every Day. ...more

Do We Really Need a Presidential Commission on Women?

So far American women are doing pretty well since President Barack Obama took office. He's only been President for a month, and already he's signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which will hopefully go a long way toward getting women equal pay for equal work in this country. ...more

politics by nature is beaurocratic. part of the process is a commission. i'm not sure which ...more

At This Rate, Soon We'll All Be Tracy Flick

Remember Tracy Flick from the movie Election? The over-achieving, uber-ambitious, won't-let-anything-get-in-my-way gal running for class President? If she didn't before this week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is now very familiar with Tracy, who some are saying is Gillibrand's alter ego. ...more

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 I don't mean to ...more

Fair Pay and Health Care for Kids are Closer to Reality

As I started to write this post, I realized I was at a bit of a loss. I love writing about fair pay for women, health care for children and better schools, but I just couldn't help wondering why there's still a need to be writing about them? I'd like to think that in 2009, those things aren't too much to expect from the most powerful nation on Earth. ...more

.... is that the Lilly Ledbetter Act and the Fair Pay Act were voted approved in the House, but ...more

What Will Michelle Do?

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, are so adorable. They make America smile every time they skip onto the stage with their father, and we're communally delighted to know their good behavior during the campaign will be duly rewarded with a puppy. ...more

Unity NOW!

When I first heard about the Unity, New Hampshire appearance of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to promote -- what else, Democratic party unity -- all I could think of was George's father on Seinfeld yelling, "SERENITY NOW!!" ...more