Should You Buy a Puppy When You Have a Baby?

Should You Buy a Puppy When You have a Baby? ...more

Happy Groans

I am continually fascinated by the numerous sounds which come out of Macie’s mouth. Sure she barks, but she also yawns, cries, groans, squeaks, sighs, and pants. Her bark can be soft or a bit firmer. A large and loud yawn frequently is uttered when I take her out of her crate in the morning or when I’ve been away from her for a while and she’s been sleeping in her crate....more

Bentley's Corner: American Journey

Bentley and Lambo hope that you all had a fantastic July 4th weekend! They loved playing with all of our friends at our Fourth of July BBQ! Once the party was over, they held their own private celebration and checked out Chewy’s new product line, American Journey....more

Puppy Scams lure in Pet Lovers

Wow, a dog that normally sells for at least a thousand bucks is being given away for free, and it’s young and healthy. Hmmm. The ad is on Facebook, too. Double hmmm....more

A to Z Challenge: On Dillon

I don't have children... I have dogs.  And, I always scoffed at the thought that you could love one child more than the other.  Seriously, they're your kids.  You love them equally, right?...more

Puppy Love Muffin Tin

We got a puppy this weekend!! We had picked her out from the litter a couple weeks ago at the local Humane Society, but she wasn't big enough to go home until this past Saturday. We are already so in love with her!! Here she is:...more

Merry Christmas

Mommy & Daddy say it's Christmas tomorrow. I have only experienced Christmas once and from what I can remember it was pretty fun.. I got to run around in lots of paper, climb in boxes, chase ribbon and bows.. I even had a sock with my name on it with bones & toys inside! By the end of the day I remember being completely exhausted and not even able to bat a eye or lift a paw....more
Merry Christmas!more

Karen Does Pho with a Side of Puppy!

My newest soup addiction is Pho. Nikki and I have visited a number of restaurants and tried each establishments pho offering eagerly. Have you tried pho yet? It's amazing. ...more
@KarenLynnn I love knowing that you are willing to try "strange" ingredients. I know that hubby ...more

50 Shades of Shamus

Because I am a little in love with my dogs this bit of self-indulgence makes my day! Shamus is a rescue corgi/papillion  mix from Tennessee. He was in a high kill shelter until he was rescued by an animal rescue group who put his adorable mug on Petfinder. Petfinder is an amazing, awesome thing. It facilitates dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens in getting out of the wildly overpopulated South and finding homes up in the Northeast where we don't have a massive pet population problem....more

4 years

Tomorrow, Maggie will be 4 years old.  I guess my little puppy isn't so much a puppy anymore as she is a young adult. Much like a parent thinks his/her child is the smartest, cutest, funniest, best and brightest child ever born, I think Maggie was one of the cutest puppies ever.  Of course, all puppies are pretty darn cute, so I know she has stiff competition.  ...more