Have You Ever Made a Bad Purchase That You Regret Making?

Everybody has made bad purchases before that they regret making. ...more
@midnightbliss That is very smart. It's easy to convince ourselves of anything we want to ...more

How to Sell Ice to Virtual Eskimos

Attached is an article by our CEO Bob Speyer discussing the benefits of selling in the digital space.The art of selling in today’s digital workplace has never been easier and never been harder at the same time. That’s definitely a contradiction, but so is Selling Ice to Eskimos. On first inspection, they “obviously” don’t need ice. And it’s a hard, if not impossible sell at best!...more

Buying Power

"Over the next decade women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases."  For more statistics and quotable facts,  Check out this http://she-conomy.com/report/facts-on-women/ from my home blog at : http://allwaysoptions.blogspot.com ...more

Share with me your purchases so that I don't go broke!

So, I have come too far to turn back! I have finally realized the impact that my shopping has made on our wallets. And I came up with this ingenious idea that may or may not work; but it is definetely worth a try. Join me! ...more

Sorry - I haven't bought anything today and don't expect to but I can relate to your problem, ...more

What helps you make decisions on a big purchase?

Ah, DC. Yesterday, while Mr. Micah and I were out, I saw and heard two completely ridiculous advertisements. #1 -- Redskins player with a forgettable name and position* comes on the radio. He asks us whether we consider ourselves Redskins fans. Because he has news--unless our cell phone provider is Sprint, we don't love the 'skins at all. Why? Because Sprint is offering 'skins skins for their customers. #2 -- On the metro, there were a number of fliers for a condo community. They emphasized that your welcome gift would be a flatscreen tv (I didn't see size mentioned). ...more

Mrs. Micah's Financial Overview of August

Mrs. Micah nearly cried at work today when she saw how much we spent in August. So she called Mr. Micah, who was soothing and pointed out that it's less than our income. But now I'm going to post it on here, with comments. ...more

I was scared out of my mind putting together these numbers, but I'm trying to face such fears ...more