Purim: Feminism, drunkenness, cookies

This piece originally appeared at Kim's Kitchen Sink (my blog).The wonderful Jewish holiday of Purim is on today! It's one of my favorites, so I thought I'd share a little bit about it. Big thanks to my girl Stephanie Nudelman out in NYC for being my "second pair of Jew eyes" to proofread this for typos and accuracy....more

Interview With a Purim Carnival Goldfish

‘Tis the Daylight Savings Time of year of spring breaks, and yes, for the Jewish communities -the Purim Carnival. Purim is the annual reading of the book of Esther, commonly known as the Megillah. During this time, Jews are ”commanded” to eat, drink and be merry, which can include evening festivities and costume parades.**...more

Working Mom's Hamentashen

Purim: An Easy Holiday for Interfaith Families

As the Jewish half of an interfaith couple, I totally look forward to the Purim holiday. After all, Purim is sort of “Judaism Lite”, a holiday that doesn’t take itself too seriously....more

Queen Esther's Metallic Touch- Inspiration For Your Purim Table

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Whole Wheat Meat Empanada Hamentashen for Purim

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How I Set My Purim Feast Table On a Budget

Hi! My name is Marlene Mamiye from The Jewish Hostess and I would like to share with you a little about my Purim table setting preparations from Purim 2011. First, a little Purim history.......more

Classic No-Fail Hammentashen Recipe


Hammentashen Shaped Challah for Your Purim Seuda

 This year, our Purim meal is traditionally a meat one, and its a great time to have the entire family over and join in on a festive meal....more

Feminism and Judaism: The Fast of Esther, the Bravery of Vashti, and the Calm Before Purim

The three days before Esther went to speak to King Ahasuerus, she and her handmaidens fasted. Requesting an audience with her husband was tricky business, after all, her predecessor, Queen Vashti, had been executed for refusing to attend her husband's party ("attend" seems to be a child-friendly way of saying that the king wanted her to entertain his friends with an ancient, Persian-style pole dance). ...more

These women for me are trendsetter and ahead of their time. We all can learn lessons form Esther ...more