Ban on Bossy

As a child, I remember one word, one single, simple adjective, that when used to describe me, cut to the core. That loaded word?  Bossy.  Our culture teaches girls that the admirable, positive, qualities we associate with little boys (such as ambition, determination, and leadership) in girls, was deemed bossy.  These attributes suddenly acquired a negative connotation when connected to girls....more

What is Your Life Saying?

Let Your Life SpeakParker J. Palmer This little book is jam-packed with excellence. It was on my reading list for many years, and I like to think that this was the perfect moment that it reached me. I was ready....more

The Struggle

I have been struggling lately. Struggling with what to do with A Gurlz Guide. I created this forum  to be uplifting to voices of personal change and activism.  It was born out of an idea for unity, but was catapulted into existence by the traumatic events of losing Lisa to suicide.  It’s been awhile since I have even said her name, let alone in public....more

Write a New Story and See What YOU Become

When I write these blogs, I write what seems to feel right at the moment. I recently heard someone say, “You can write a new story.” This was referring to someone re-writing their future. This really made me sit up and listen and absorb that concept. I’ve heard many references to creating your own future, creating a bigger life, etc. This tiny little phrase really had an impact....more

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen, Which One Are You?

We all hear it and most of us have probably uttered it. “I have a calling on my life…” or “I’ve been called to do great things.” Yes, you do have a calling on your life, but not to burst your bubble, we all do.However, there are those of us who are called and those of us who are chosen. Here’s the difference:Everyone is called because we each have unique gifts, talents and abilities that we are to use to serve the needs of others....more

Thankful Heart

Lights twinkle on our beautiful Christmas tree that stands tall in our living room. As we unwrap each ornament and place them on the tree, we also watch a favorite Christmas movie. We found the The Muppet Christmas Carol and just had to watch this classic, and as some reviewer said, “too good for kids.” It’s a must see for the whole family....more

Don’t Give Up. God Won’t Give Up On You. He Will Complete the Work He Begun in You

Sometimes we will neglect ourselves and in doing so will neglect our spiritual life. In turn, it will cause us to stray. It’s okay. Don’t give up. God is a restorer. Glory!...more
Thank you. Bless you tur8ls!more