I Never Saw This Coming...

Who have I become? I am in a bidding war on eBay right now with a potential nemesis over what better be less than $50.00, for a used, Banana Republic, leather bag! I need to get a life... Now, back to see what's going on.Ok, I'm back and IT-IS-ON....Chick from Long Island, or husband,boyfriend...or whatever you are! Why do I feel so entitled to this?...more

Purse Fetish on BeChicMag.com


Raise High the Roof Beam

I'm sure this will come as a huge shock to you all, but I absolutely love, love these. And in case anyone was wondering, I'm especially particular to the Catcher in the Rye cover. And no, I'm not a rebellious teenager who carries this book around as my bible....more

The Small Purse Project: An Internet Lesson in Compassion

While walking her dog, BlogHer member Kelly Wickham (MochaMomma) passes a neighborhood church that lately has an interesting sign in front: So you Don't Want or Need to go to Church? Where do you Learn About Compassion? On the Internet? For Wickham-like many of us- the experience has been an overwhelming "Hellz Yes!"  ...more

Ladies, I continue to be inspired by the response to this project. And yes! Sassymonkey sent ...more

Playing Dress Up With My Daughter

Recently, I asked my daughter Mallory about her plans for Valentine's Day and then I braced myself to be crushed: this year she will have a date and I will not. Luckily, she didn't tell me about some grand plans that would make me feel like a complete and utter FAIL. She and her boyfriend will be enjoying a romantic dinner at home and he will be doing the cooking (this is good, this is very very good). Then I asked her if she wanted to dress up for the occasion and if so would she like to go shopping. ...more

I am sure that you must have been a little diapointed but you handled it with grace.  I am ...more

Handmade Bags for the Holidays

I am one of those people who throws their life in their day bags. In fact, it's gotten to the point where I now carry two bags around because the purse just isn't big enough to carry all of my stuff. (One would think the solution would be a bigger purse, but then I'm lugging around a giant purse with all of my stuff, hitting others left and right with it, blocking doorways, and generally harrassing people.) ...more

Thanks so much for posting this. I just wanted to stop by and say this was inspiring. I'm ...more

Homecoming Dance Traditions Have Changed

Weekend News From West Egg ...more

Fall Fashion Must-Haves: 5 Items You've Gotta Get

The infinite amount of tacky orange and black Halloween decorations can only mean one thing. Fall is here! Soon you'll be snuggling up with a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, wearing your favorite Paige Denim jeans and cashmere sweater. But how do you update your wardrobe from 2008 to 2009 without breaking the bank? Here are 5 must-have accessories that will bring your wardrobe up-to-date in a flash. ...more

Yellow Summer Fashions

This summer, yellow fashions are very trendy, from bright yellow handbags to pale yellow summer dresses. I used to steer clear of wearing yellow. The bold yellows always seemed to bright, while the pale colors made my skin seemed washed out. However, this season I'm embracing the yellow trend with yellow fashion accessories. ...more