(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: Ree, Rhoda and Sabrina Share Bed & Bath Ideas

In the last installment of BlogHer's Putting it All Together video series, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and Sabrina of Slice of Lemon sit down with Ree to talk about decorating the bed and bath. Their photos of the Lodge at Ree's ranch are stunning, of course. Take a peek, at their pictures and the video. ...more

We just redid our bathroom. Nothing incredibly in-depth--just changed the shower curtain, floor ...more

(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: What Makes a Real Man?

My kids are on a big kick these days of drawing superhero comics; mostly, the stories are about people falling, because falling is fun to draw! But I like that they're thinking about heroes. ...more

I totally, totally agree!


Do You Wear Yoga Pants -- When You're Not Doing Yoga? Is That OK?

Does this sound familiar? It's Tuesday and you don't have any plans to leave the house so you think, Eh, I'll just throw on my yoga pants today, which is fine until you realize that you need to run to the grocery/post office/coffee shop and so you do and you run into your ex/your mother-in-law/that woman from the carpool line who always looks like a supermodel. And you think, Argh, why didn't I get dressed? ...more
Very nice blog, i do enjoy yoga too, so i sometimes wear my new yoga pants ...more