The Real Scoop on Parenting Multiples

Parenting multiples isn't just about doing things in duplicate (or triplicate or quadruplicate!); it requires a lot of creativity and quick thinking on your feet as you navigate the logistics of feeding multiple babies at the same time, getting them on the same schedule, and making sure they sleep in unison. From thoughts on prematurity to which items you'll need to purchase more than one of, this crib sheet on parenting multiples will help you get your bearings if you're carrying twins, triplets, or more. ...more
Excellent post. EVERY TIME I was pregnant and 6 weeks larger than I should be, my doctor thought ...more

How to Get Through Those First Few Months with Multiples

Motherhood alone offers its share of challenges, joys, and freak-out moments. However, when motherhood throws a curve ball of multiples, “normal” gets thrown out the window. Jen Murray(QuatroMama) understands the overwhelming excitement and overload that goes with parenting multiples. She has survived 5 years of quadruplets and is thrilled to offer real-life advice that she’s gained along the journey. Consider this your cheat sheet on surviving multiples! ...more
All fantastic advice! I couldn't agree more on anything you said, especially about routines and ...more

My Life After Quadruplets: Have You Lost Yourself in Motherhood?

If a baby changes everything, what does having four babies do? ...more

it's easy to be consumed by the things we love, whether you have 4 kids, one kid, or it's just ...more

The Neverending Humor of Potty Training Quadruplets

    If potty training doesn't bond these quadruplet brothers for life, I don't know what will?     After all, what brings you closer than...   Examining each others poo after each success.   Cheering on each other with pats on the backs for each dribble in t...more

Wow! This must be an experience for you, too! I've had a positive experience with Joy Berry's I ...more

Multiple baby cute overload!

This week I'd like to highlight some of the bloggers in our network who write about parenting twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets. I looked at over 100 blogs by parents of twins and more. By the end of the day it was like complete overload! In fact I kept thinking of the Rules of Cuteness, like "A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute." My new rule: a small child, accompanied by one or more siblings of the same age, is always cute! ...more

In my case you are certainly right that the old expression "it takes a village..." is true. ...more