Where I Am vs Where I Thought I Would Be

As a kid reaching age 27 seemed like light-years away. I had all these ideas on what being 27 would be like. I can remember playing with my imaginary friends (#onlychildproblems) pretending to be a grown up who was slowing approaching 30. At the time, I thought this age would be magical. And honestly I must say its really not THAT bad, but its far from what I imagined.You see 10 year old me thought:...more

Being open to whatever comes next

Do you ever wonder where your life is going? Question whether you’re on the right path or making the right decisions? Like, all the time? Not my friend Sarah. Sarah is blessed with the ability to go with the flow, take opportunities as they arise, and have faith that the steps she is taking are leading her in the right direction....more

Cut the Cord

Where is your phone right now? Within arms reach? Thought so.Don't worry, I'm guilty of it too. Mine is currently in my lap - something I am becoming more and more conscious of. The sad truth is that in today's society, our phone is an appendage, attached to us at all times.We're tethered...more

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis

I started graduate school this week.  It’s overwhelming and exhausting.   Now, let’s be honest.....I’m in this grad school program for the possibility of future career opportunities.  I’m kind of tapped out in my current career.  I can’t go any further and I can’t get a raise.  Thus, I’m in grad school. I got into a fancy-smanchy school.  People are always really impressed when I tell them where I’m going.   ...more

Who's Winning Anyway?

An old college friend of mine recently posted something on Facebook that hit close to home. Because we’ve never really been close and have actually lost touch with each other after graduation (Facebook hardly ever counts as keeping in touch), I am reluctant to post his status verbatim here....more

My Quarter Life Crisis

I have long been skeptical about the quarter-life crisis. I guess I used to think that it was silly, in a way, that people would have a quarter-life crisis. But now that I have hit 25, well, I am doing an abrupt about-face on the issue and I am going to say that the quarter-life crisis is REAL....more

A tisket, a tasket

Today, I wish I had my new camera already. The cat's been adorable, Jason is in the kitchen throwing something delicious together for breakfast. ...more

Immaturity Through the Ages

It’s impossible to say for certain why the modern world’s concept of immaturity has changed, but I suspect it’s likely closely related to society’s obsession with holding on to youth.  After all, entire industries are dedicated exclusively to catering to our desire to stay young, what with the popularity of cosmetic surgeries, anti-aging serums, botox, etc.  Perhaps this new popularity of the “immature” lifestyle is yet another manifestation of this desire....more

Personal Finance and Judgment

A few months ago, I attended another blogger’s son’s first birthday party. During the party a family member asked how the blogger and I knew each other and she replied that I write about personal finance online and that was how she found me. The family member then proceeded to ask me about finance since she needed help in that department and I just stood there dumbfounded. I’d say that ‘writing about personal finance’ is a far stretch for what I do, but you know, bygones. ...more

I see writing about it as a way to make what I'm doing concrete. Maybe get a little ...more