Do Former Mean Girls Raise Queen Bees?

“We can be friends on the bus, but not at school.” My eight-year-old and her friends have already started experiencing the mean girl mentality. I have witnessed girls slowly turning on one another on the playground as well as in the backseat of my minivan. Girls who were inseparable before third grade will be entering fourth grade as strangers. ...more
Thank you so much! This topic needs a lot more attention. Our school district has no tolerance ...more

Queen Bee Bullies

Boys are much easier than girls, I think. Boys get in fights, a little blood is spilt, and everything is fine- clean slate. Girls, well, girls are much more devious. G got tortured by this one little girl last year for far too long. When she finally told me about it, I was so mad that I wanted to tell her to smack Queen Bee upside her head. Twice, for good measure. This little twerp was so graphic that I had to explain all sorts of things, not the least of which included bestiality. ...more