My Top 5 Yummy Spring Recipes

Spring is here! Although it has technically been "spring" since March, it is only now beginning to feel like it outside. Between the rainshowers that have been falling with regularity, the sunshine has been a welcome relief. On those sunny days I want to be outside all the time. Outside and with an ice cold drink in my hand. Picnic-lovers rejoice! Her are my top recipes to celebrate the welcoming weather. ...more

Quick Chunky Pasta Sauce

So being the good Jewish girl that I am, I do know how to make an awesome homemade pasta sauce.You thought I was gonna say Lo Mein or something, didn’t you?  I’m an anomaly to that stereotype, I actually hate most Chinese food.  The doughnuts though?  Could eat them all day....more

Mommy Meal Tip #1: Panera Bread Dressings

I like to cook, that is, when I have time to search for recipes, plan meals, make a grocery list, go to the store ALONE, and peacefully cook planned meals, uninterrupted.  Then someone else puts away the leftovers and cleans up the kitchen.  Since no two of any of these things happen simultaneously, the "love to cook" is a little more like "I have to cook because I have little mouths to feed." ...more

Cashew - Cacao Energy Bites

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsHow many of you are excited to take the Whole Foods, Gluten Free Family Challenge? I’ve had a good response so far on submissions and I’m super excited to do this together! Shew – now I feel like I have a few people who have my back ...more

Summer Bucket List

To celebrate the start of summer, I wanted to share with you the literal summer"bucket" list I made formy husband and myself.  ...more

Banana Bread Bars (Gluten, Oil and Sugar Free! ...I'm not even kidding!)

Mmm Peanut Butter Banana Bread Bars. Yikes! Sounds dangerously good. Don't worry they are healthy and delicious! And they are a great way to use up those old bananas rotting away on your counter......more

Ready In 15 Minutes "The Tastiest, Sloppiest Joe's Ever".

 1 lb of ground beef or turkey) Organic of course;)1 small bell pepper( I usually use green but I had orange on hand. It turned out good)1 small onion1 16 oz can of petite diced tomatoes1 16 oz can of tomato sauce1 can of tomato paste8 dashes of Worcestershire sauce1 tbs of horseradish mustard( or any kind you like) I love this mustard, it gives a really good flavor.1 tbs of minced garlic...more

What hungry teen boys wanted for dinner.

I asked my boys what they wanted for dinner tonight.They both said pork chops and fries. So this is what I made them.Lemon Parsley Pork Chops With Seasoned Home Fries.Very simple and quick to make. Just 7 ingredients.Ingredients: 6 boneless pork filletsjuice from 1 lemon1 tbs of minced parsley1/4 c of Panco bread crumbs.2 tsp of kosher salt3 tbs of butter2 tbs of olive oilWash and pat dry the fillets....more

Pizza Pie

It’s a Pizza Pie! Quick weekend grab & go!mothersapronstringsIt’s a pizza pie!I’m thinking of something quick to fix this weekend because I think we’ll actually be able to work out in the yard!...more

Cajun Chicken Pasta ~ Quick to the Table

Check out the notes at the bottom to make this dish quick-to-the-table!  Cajun Chicken PastaSource: Deb Blumer...more