Perfect for Thanksgiving: Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad

This warm autumn Brussels sprouts salad is loaded with spinach leaves, sliced pears and apples, pomegranate seeds, sweet grape tomatoes, and persimmon, embodying the flavors of fall—and it's perfect for Thanksgiving. Tossed together, this salad is both sweet and savory with no need for additional salad dressing. I cannot believe I didn't discover Brussels sprouts earlier than I did. ...more
I quarter them, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, then roast until the outer leaves are ...more

Baked Pumpkin Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Squares

Slightly sweetened oatmeal squares filled with pumpkin puree, dried cranberries, and almond slivers for a delicious snack. These healthy oatmeal squares are great for an early breakfast on the go.It’s October, which means that it’s time for the pumpkin craze to start if it hasn’t already for you....more

Autumn Apple Crisp

Warm sliced apples topped with a crunchy cinnamony almond granola. Sweet and delicious, this easy to make dessert tastes like the very essence of fall.Happy October!...more

Easy Thai Chicken with Coconut Peanut Sauce

Slightly crispy chicken over a bed of garlicky sautéed spinach served with a side of deliciously creamy coconut peanut sauce. This simplified version of the classic Pra Ram Thai dish is great as an entrée with rice.I don’t go out for Thai food that often anymore, but when I do, I think it’s safe to say that anything that comes with peanut sauce is bound to be a favorite....more

Fresh Tomato Spinach Garlic Pasta

Spicy and garlicky pasta cooked with spinach, sweet corn, sliced mushrooms, and grape tomatoes for a simple yet delicious meal for two. With just a few ingredients, this dish is healthy and refreshing, perfect for dinner after a long day at work or school....more

Asian-inspired Spinach Tomato French Bread Pizza

An Asian inspired French bread pizza topped with spinach, grape tomatoes, and a hoisin coconut peanut sauce. Delicious and quick to make, this Asian fusion pizza is perfect as an appetizer....more

Acai Banana Ice Cream

Frozen banana blended with acai puree and coconut water to create a deliciously creamy ice cream. Dairy free, gluten free, and vegan, this healthy, guilt-free ice cream is perfect for just about everyone.Frozen bananas are a must have in my freezer, and hopefully yours too.They’ve been around forever, obviously, but it’s my latest discovery, and newest obsession, which means I have to share it with you.These frozen bananas are a must for this ice cream recipe. Creamy and thick once blended, frozen bananas give that “ice cream” consistency. The acai puree is just for flavor and color. Oh, and of course, the antioxidants and vitamins. One bite of this deliciously healthy ice cream and you’ll be hooked!...more

Ham and Cheese Braised Eggs

Warm braised eggs topped with chopped ham and melted cheese for a delicious breakfast. Quick and easy, these amazing eggs with runny yolks will satisfy all your breakfast cravings.It’s time for breakfast again, you guys!I really hope you don’t mind.If you can’t tell already, I love eggs, especially for breakfast. But for the longest time, I was embarrassingly terrible at cracking them....more

Pho Thai

Vietnamese pho noodles in Thai spicy and sour soup with shrimp, mushrooms, and refreshing basil, a quick and easy recipe for a cold dreary day.Vietnamese pho + Thai Tom Yum = Pho Thai This Vietnamese and Thai fusion noodle soup is so delicious I have to share it with everyone! Spicy from one chili pepper, slightly sour from lemon juice, and even a little sweet from the grape tomatoes, this noodle soup is filled with so many flavors....more

Pitaya Bowl

Pink dragon fruit blended with almond butter then topped with sliced fresh bananas and honey granola. Easy to make and delicious, this fruity bowl is perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Can you tell that I’m on a breakfast bowl kick? They’re so tasty, and they’re such a great pick me up that I just can’t resist!...more