The Power Salad

It seems like everywhere we go nowadays, whether it's the grocery store or a local restaurant, we can always find a food, dish or beverage that comes with the "power" label. I'm always buying power greens at the grocery store, I'v tried an array of bottled power juices and I couldn't resist the green power smoothie at the local Panera. I'm not sure about the validity of the "power" claim but in general, most of these foods have a high level of nutritional value. All I know is that it can't be bad. So I decided to come up with a quick and easy power salad that I can whip up in no time and enjoy at least 2-3 times a week....more

The upcoming of the cream cheese free cucumber sandwich

I was sitting in bed this morning after returning from my friend's house, and was thinking about what sort of food to pack and enjoy on a beach trip that I might be going on tomorrow. (I am so excited!) I knew buying food would be out of the question, so I was trying to think of some sort of sandwich that would be light and delicious, but not overplayed and ordinary....more

Easy Tasty Prepared Meals

If we had the time to prepare a fancy meal every night, we would, but unfortunately life tends to get a little more complicated. It is easy to go out to dinner or reach for the unhealthy food items, but that just becomes expensive and unflattering to the hips. The solution is taking one day over the weekend to go over next week’s schedule and then see what days freezer friendly meals would come in use. Sunday can be your day to prepare those meals, which will last not just that week, but can be saved for other weeks when you get in a pickle....more

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Shake

I was in South Carolina this past weekend for my brother’s wedding. It was only about an hour outside Charleston so my husband and I decided to stay a couple days in the city since neither of us has been. Charleston has great food and scenery so it was nice to just walk around and eat....more

Chocolate Chip Raspberry Cookies

I think with all the Valentine recipes filling my feed these days I have been craving raspberry and chocolate. So I decided to combine the two in one scrumptious cookie. One thing I really like about putting the raspberry in the middle to cook is that you get just enough raspberry taste without overwhelming the cookie. You could totally leave the raspberry off if you want because the cookie is darn good by itself. I recommend you go home and make sure a skunk hasn’t dug a whole under your HVAC and then make a batch of cookies to get you through the week!Enjoy!...more

Balsamic Caesar Dressing

I try to stay away from anything processed. We try to eat organic and as healthy as we can but darn, it's hard!!!!! It can be really over whelming trying to change all of your eating habits. I have a lot of people ask me how I have time to make so much from scratch. It's like anything else you are trying to change, it's not going to happen overnight. Start small, that's my advice....more

Sweet Potato Fries Topped with Madras Lentils

Sometimes you just can’t beat ready to go meals. Packaged sweet potatoes and lentils go great together. This will become your next go to meal. It’s such a great combination! ...more

Beef Stew

This is my first official post on the new website! Woo Hoo! What do you all think of it?! I am hoping it is much easier for you all to navigate and access recipes....more