Steamed Dumpling Soup

The weather is finally starting to cool down which means it's time for my favorite - soup! There's nothing I love more than soup, but to create a hearty and filling soup full of flavors, it normally takes all day on the stove top. However, I came across these Steamed Dumplings from Bibigo ( and they make an excellent addition to your favorite soup! Add a Korean twist to Chicken Noodle, or just add some stock and veggies for easy wonton-soup.  Plus, 7 dumplings is less than 300 calories, so what more could you ask for?...more


Peanut Butter Balls1/2 cup peanut butter (any type you like)1 cup of confectioners sugar (10x sugar)2 - 3 tablespoons milk Place sugar in a bowl, add the milk 1 tbs. at a time and mix until it looks like thick glue.  Add the peanut butter.  The mixture will become thick.  You want it to be thick, so you can pick up a spoonful and roll it into a ball.  They are ready to eat.Variations:...more

3 Ingredient Mango Ice Cream Anybody Can Make

I'm over Winter. By this time of year, when you live in Canada, you long for a natural source of vitamin D... Or at least for your face to not freeze off when you step outside. The reality is that Spring is still some time away - at least true Spring weather is....more

Tips from a Pro: How to Get That Coffee Shop Taste at Home!

I opened my first coffee shop (Coffee Break Cafe) at the age of 25 because I was sick of bad coffee and even worse service. I had exhausted all of the coffee chain possibilities in my area and knew there had to be something better. My husband and I (boyfriend back then) worked in the restaurant industry and had access to a lot of different coffee companies. We bought whole bean coffees and brewed at home back when people still bought instant coffee in a can (wait, maybe they still do?)...more

I Actually Have Been Knitting

I still haven't finished weaving in the ends on my sweater, so I still don't have any good pictures of that to show you, but I have been working on a few other projects. As I've mentioned before, my online knitting gro...more

The "S" Diet

Kitchen Diva’s “S” DietThis time of year when most of us faintly remember that resolution to recover our waistlines after the decadence of the past holidays, some of us turn to program diets (Jenny, Weight Watchers, etc.) or supplements (like the new Hoodia). But if you will follow Kitchen Diva’s “S” diet you will have an easy life-long plan of weight control:...more

Hot & Sour Soup