Recipe of the Week: Chicken, Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomato Panini

I was looking for an easy sandwich recipe (because we know I could screw up a PB&J sandwich) and I found this great one on Newsday's website. We just happen to have a panini maker which was totally collecting dust on the shelf. I had to put it to good use!I started to get creative.And by creative, I improvised and used garlic bread instead of the baguette. (Truth: I couldn't find a baguette anywhere and I love anything with garlic.) I drizzled a touch of Honey Balsamic Dressing for even more flavor....more
From Tracie  Thank you! I did not create this recipe, but added my own touch to it! Anything ...more

Mexican Pizza

So every Tuesday night at our house is Taco Tuesday! Tonight we had Mexican Pizza’s- they were delicious!!...more

Homemade Helper

Bonus Post: Homemade Helper With soccer season beginning tonight and the first day of school looming ahead I thought I'd share some quick make ahead recipes that embody all of the wholesome real ingredients you're used to here at Ode To Mrs. Katz Cohn. ...more