No time for easing into it.

I am a weenie. I just needed to lead off with that to make everything clear. School has started off like a cannonball into icy cold water when I would have preferred to stick my big toe in and take time to get used to it....more

Spinach-Feta Quinoa Cakes Plus Five Quick Panini Press Dinners

It starts around 4:45 PM in my house. First it's, "Can I have crackers?" About ten minutes later, "I need yellow cheese." And then soon after, a breaking point is reached. "WHEN ARE WE HAVING DINNER?!!" ...more
@hundtokig @lyndaalneedleman Sorry about that -- the ingredient lists are all fixed!more

Chicken Almond Stir-Fry

I'm all about getting dinner made faster. As much as I love food and I love to cook, sometimes I just don't like the every day, "it's almost dinner time, what are we going to eat" thing! You would think as empty nesters that whole thing would get easier, but in fact I think it's gotten harder. I have gotten out of the routine of meal planning like I used to do when the kids were all at home, so I still deal with that last minute scramble of "What's for dinner?" ...more
"One of my least favorite parts of cooking dinner is deciding what to eat.  I am happy to cook ...more

Simple, Kid-Friendly, Sweet Tamales

  Not many people have tried sweet tamales. However, growing up, my grandma always made sweet tamales for us kids. I loved those sweet raisin-filled tamales as a kid and as a mom I wanted to share this childhood treat with my own children. Unfortunately my kids aren’t fond of raisins, so off to the test kitchen I went. ...more

Dressing Up Breakfast for Dinner

When someone asks me what my favorite tip is to simplify mealtime, besides menu planning, my answer would be to let breakfast save dinner. ...more
If it were up to me, breakfast would be mandatory for lunch AND dinner.more

Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets bring out the kid in all of us! They’re crispy, tender, and absolutely delish dunked in tangy honey mustard or spicy ketchup sauce. Coated in crunchy panko breadcrumbs and fresh Parmesan, these little nuggets are almost too adorable to eat! Almost… ...more
My kids would love these, as would I! I love the different dipping sauces too!more

Ten Ways to Use Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

The fantasy: Your house is clean. Your children have finished their homework and are playing by themselves quietly and without incident. You have the time to chop, sauté and simmer, and fill your house with good smells as you make a leisurely, healthy dinner, which your delighted family eats with enthusiasm. ...more

Fast, Freezer-Friendly, Homemade Sloppy Joes

Some weeks are busier than others in my family. With kids in school, my husband and I working, dance lessons, swimming, and life in general, we are busy. Because we both work from home, and we home school our youngest daughter, there is a misconception among family and friends that we have lots of time. ...more

Family Dinners and Small Kids

I was moved by this question on Casual Kitchen - Ask CK: Finding Time to Cook…With Small Children. ...more
Luckily I am a work-from-home-mom BUT squeezing in healthy dinners is still a challenge. I ...more

Recipe Monday - Maple Cajun Mahi Mahi

This takes 15 minutes. It's amazing....more