Beef Tamale Casserole

Mexican food is one of my favorites, so it's no wonder I quickly jumped at the chance to make this when I was having an "off" day. I'm also a huge cornbread lover, so having it as the base of this dish made it that much better. If you love tamales, this casserole is definitely for you. It's the layered form of one and probably ten times easier to make. Enjoy! ...more
You definitely should! It's super yummy :)more

roasted garlic herb cherry tomatoes

This does truly look amazing! I plan to use this same recipe for my bigger tomatoes, some which ...more

Stuffed Masala Bhindi - Okra recipe

~ I'm back into my smoky kitchen with some spices and odd vegetables. Odd as I say because not many people like to eat okra....more

Broil-in-Foil Tilapia

A former classmate of mine, Monette, commented to me via a personal e-mail how she’d love to have easy-to-prepare recipes~you know, 30-minute type dishes. Who can blame her? Career, traffic, household chores, picking up kids from school, “taking care of hubby”, PTA meetings etcetera, etcetera~a mother and wife has indeed a lot on her hands to juggle. ...more