Talking with God

Have you ever sat quietly, by yourself, in a church?I have and there’s nothing in the world quite like the serenity. The peace. That little space of time in which you can pour your heart out to Him and feel an inescapable source of peace....more

Aspects of Daily Life That Introverts Feel Most Guilty About

By now, I’ve lived life on both sides. Up until just a few years ago, I thrived on opportunities to be social, and was the picture of misery when my outgoing personality characteristics were not being fed and stroked by plans, phone calls, and general “happy hour” style adventures. I always needed to “be” somewhere, and preferably with others. And this wasn’t just a function of age and some sort of ill-defined "lack" of maturity; I simply needed opportunity after opportunity to feed what was a deeply extroverted side to me....more

Oatmeal Morning

I am snuggled up with my warm bowl of oatmeal, watching the light slowly brighten into the day.  What a peaceful morning.All is quiet in my home, as my family of hunters are out for opening day today, chasing the ever elusive whitetail deer.  This actually gives me a quiet alone-time morning!  I shall call these my “Oatmeal Mornings”!  Doesn’t that sound comforting?  I get to eat warm food, with the fireplace going.  Nice and warm and cozy-while the 6 hunters I have on our land are freezing!  And they think they are having fun…...more

Shhhh...Let me enjoy the quiet

In about an hour from now, I will be in the car. I'll have dropped my little guy off at school for the day, gotten back into my car, and will be sitting in traffic.And it will be absolutely silent in my car. It will be wonderful....more

Quiet Time: Staying Devoted to God in Distraction

 Morning time is when we have our devotional time, but we've met people th...more

Enjoying Quiet Time in an Often-Noisy House

My house is often noisy. There's always something going on. With six people in and out all the time (some more in than others), there's always activity. It may be the TV or other electronics, a bass or guitar being strummed or picked, someone crying, screaming, or laughing, feet stomping across the wood floor as the five-year-old dashes to the bathroom or the two-year-old goes looking for Mommy or Daddy. There's arguing and playing, running around, shrieks of joy or frustration....more

Learning to be still

One of my talents is not being still. Not by voluntary choice or by any sort of sadistic desire, my day begins at 4 or 4:30 am daily, and I have to hit the ground running. My younger two children nurse, sit on the potty and have their first table-food meal first thing in the morning. While I am tending those two, I also have to get the older two children up. Why can't they be quick to rise like the younger two?!...more

Ah, the noise

There’s one thing I am quite looking forward to …. a decrease of the noise in my life. Here in the city, it seems the term “fish mongers wife” never died because that’s all I seem to be hearing here lately.Doesn’t anyone speak in an inside voice anymore? I get on public transportation with school teens and my head is splitting before my day starts and the headache just lingers and lingers. The only peace my head gets is at Undisclosed location. ...more

Top 10 Reasons I'm Ready for a Retirement Community

I know, I know, I’m not even 30  (but only a few more months – EEK!) … how can I be saying this?Here I am on a Thursday night.  (Is it before 10pm?  Yes.  Don’t judge.)  I got out of my grad school class early so I came home to be productive.  Instead, I’m ready to get in bed, do a little leisure reading, and drift off into a peaceful slumber.Nope.Not happening.Why?   Because I live in the loudest apartment building ever built.  Hello builders!!  Have you ever heard of sound insolation?...more