Floating Patchwork

 I’ve been adjusting nicely to my temporary August living space– but only now do I feel like I’ve truly christened it with the creation of my first quilt.I always come back to simplicity every now and then– and I’m always pleased with the result. The combination of measurement and slight improvisational results in a pattern balancing wonkiness and structure that’s just my style....more
I love the colors! It feels very modern! Do you sell your quilts on Etsy?more

I Am Not a Machine

I’m very big on To Do lists. And whenever I feel overwhelmed, I plan my schedule pretty thoroughly– during my morning runs and yoga classes, my mind is often busy plotting out the day. Between commissioned pieces, packing and moving, various errands, projects, and the general need to keep up my Etsy stock, I’ve been relying more than usual on this super structured mentality....more

Strip Quilt Tutorial with Owl Applique

  This was my first attempt at an applique. Another reason why I'm so glad I purchased a new sewing machine back in February! This new machine has opened up so many new craft possibilities, its a little overwhelming....more

Table Decor - Oh the Possibilities

 Spring fever can make it difficult to really buckle down for hours on end in the sewing room. So I'm taking great pleasure in quick, cheery quilting projects that fit my restless warm weather mood-- and my fondness for table decor.I resurected an old favorite-- diagonal intersecting stripes-- and whipped it up into this little guy....more
Those are all super cute! LOVE all that color!more

Simple Stripes-- A Modern Patchwork Quilt

Here's the thing about quilting...The possibilities really are endless. I mean, I wake up at night with visions of sugar plums quilt tops dancing in my head. ...more
I love stripes (and dots!) -- this one is gorgeous!more


Start the quilt by making a bunch....according to the size....of 9 patch quilt squares. I used 4" squares, so 3 squares minus 2 seams of 1/4" makes the square 11 1/2". I cut across the folded piece of muslin, safely about 13"....more

DIY Doll Beds and Tiny Quilts

My boyfriend's nieces love their American Girl dolls, so I wanted to make them something for Christmas that their dolls could use. Their dolls already have millions of outfits. Why not furniture? I came across lots of ideas including this picnic table, which I'm also dying to make....more

Summer Charms - the completed quilt

Quilt #4 is now done.  A friendly nudge got me back to my binding and I did two edges in one night.  I finished the remaining six inches last night, washed and dried it and I now have a summer quilt that I made for myself!  As such, I'm not going to label it, but I am going to record its particulars in my photo portfolio. ...more

Pillow Talk


I really should learn how to use my sewing machine at some point.

Contributing Editor ...more

Quilt Along to Make a Post-It Note Quilt

Anyone up for a Quilt Along? For anyone not familiar with a Quilt Along, it's where a portion of a pattern is posted and the participants have a few days to get these steps completed. Then another set of instructions are posted and everyone can follow along or ... quilt along with others. ...more

Thanks Sarah!

Judy Laquidara