Quinoa PB&J Cookies

So how's everyone feeling after the Superbowl?  I'm not a big fan, although I do enjoy any day that makes it okay to eat large amounts of delicious (i.e. bad for you) food.  Also, I'm bummed cause (spoiler alert!) I didn't win the Superbowl pool I was in.  Sigh.  There's always next year.  Oh, and that halftime performance?  Incredible!...more

Warm Winter Quinoa Blend

Sloppy Quinoa joe Sliders


Cooking Guru: S4E2 Roasted Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH & QUINOA SALAD Sponsored by EcoLunchBoxPrep time: 30 minutes  Serves: 2 Ingredients:½  cup quinoa, rinsed well2 tsp. EVOO...more

Quinoa Topped Zucchini Rounds

Leslie @ Balancing Cinderella RecipesPlease take a moment to visit my blog for many fabulous recipes...more

Puffed Quinoa Nutella Balls

These were awesome, but needed a little tweaking....more

Quinoa and Thyme Chicken Loaf - gluten free!

Quinoa and Thyme Chicken Loaf...easy, quick and delicious. A great family meal and gluten free!! Recipe at http://sparklesintheeveryday.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/quinoa-and-thyme-ch...  ...more

Quinoa with White Yam and Peas

Few months back, I was talking to a dear friend of mine. Both of our kids are of similar age. She told me that she had introduced ‘Quinoa’ to her 8 month old, and he took it well. I started thinking about it and did some reading on it. Quinoa originally is a native of Andes region from South America. Incas called it a ‘mother grain’....more

Cranberry Mango Millet Salad

Have you ever fallen victim to a week that just wouldn’t end?Generally I’m against wishing the week away, but this week is an exception. In 3 days I’ll be lining up with thousands of other runners to participate in my very first half marathon....more
I can't wait to make Cranberry Mango Millet Salad! It just sounds so delicious. Thanks for ...more