Considering Quitting

First day for NaBloPoMo and your headline had me wondering.  Good luck with your November ...more

I'm Going to Be a Mom: I Can't Smoke

It probably sounds unbelievable, but at that moment, I just knew in my gut that I was carrying a child. Even though my boyfriend and I weren't actively trying for a baby, we knew it was a real possibility and embraced the thought of parenthood as well as any fancy-free couple could. The image of smoke reaching my baby tortured me, and I threw my half-done cigarette out the car window. That was that. ...more
I love this post. Becoming a mother is such a powerful thing. And it's HARD! I've never been a ...more

A Decade of Non Smoking

Wow so this month is really a big month for me. Saint Patrick's Day will not only see me celebrating my Irishness as my maiden name is O'Neill and as far as I am told our family does come from County Cork in Ireland. but this holiday will mark for me ten years since I became a non-smoker. TEN years!!! A decade of cigarette free living. of not smelling like an ash tray. of wasting money on other useless things....more

I Quit!

A little over a year ago I quit smoking. Which, if you knew me, you’d realize is HUGE!!! The really weird thing is that I had no intentions of quitting…..ever. I started smoking at 13 years old.  From the first moment I lit up, I loved it! Looking back, I’m sure some of it was the “Cool” factor. But I truly have always loved smoking. And for over 35 years (don’t do the math!) I smoked about 1 ½ packs a day. Never once had I tried to quit....more

Trying to Quit Tabacco?

When I saw the neurosurgeon in January, he told me that if I did not quit smoking after the surgery, there was no guarantee that it would be a success.  The NS spun bone stem cells from my hip during the surgery, grafted them into my spine, held together with rods and screws.  He said that people who smoke never grow bone, they grow stringy cartilage....more
@isthisthemiddle thanks so much, i am so glad i didn't go back to smoking tobacco after being ...more

Butt-head, Anyone? Part 2

I've been struggling with this quitting smoking thing for a few months now. I'll do really good one week, just to completely fall off the wagon the next. I'm at the point where I'll try just about anything.So, today, I brought in the Big Guns.... I took the kids to the library yesterday so they could fuel their minds, and I saw a stop smoking hypnosis DVD. What the hell, right? It's free, definitely worth a try, and, I'm not a skeptic when it comes to things like that....more