For Listicle and Stupid Facebook Quiz Lovers

My “friends” on Facebook range from teenagers (children of good friends) to my 90-year old Granddaddy, and they live all over the globe. Some friends are unemployed, some are students, some are business execs, some are authors, some are scientists and a bunch I have no idea what they do. Yet, among all these disparate people, whose single common feature is at some point interacting with me, one thing is for certain. My FB friends love to post listicles and inane quizzes on their newsfeeds....more

The Mom Quiz

(HINT BEFORE YOU START THE QUIZ. ALL "A MOTHERS" ARE ME).1) A mother is sweeping the floor and collects a good pile of dust and dirt in the center. Her child notices a single green bead amid the refuse, and requests that the mother not throw it away. The mother acquiesces, requesting the child put the bead back in its box with the others, since she loves it so much.Given this information, how many beads are left on the floor?a) 1b) 0c) 419754928671802702...more
THANK YOU!!!! As I look around my messy counters, over filled dishwasher, 4 laundry baskets ...more

Stalking by Any Other Name...

Last week’s post was about how single women can be vulnerable, even in death.  This week, I’m taking on a different kind of vulnerability... specifically, the plague of Internet stalking.* I love Google. And I hate Google.  Part of the reason that I’m “anonymous” here (at least until someone inevitably blows my cover) is because I recently discovered that I’m ALL OVER the Internet.  Someone in jail could piece together my life from birth to the present moment without too much trouble and ring my doorbell tomorrow. Not that I have anything against anyone in jail. I love people in jail.  I mean... I just don’t like strangers showing up unannounced... ...more

Who's The Best Ball-Busting Ad Exec: Don Draper or Amanda Woodward? Play My TV Smackdown

I could not tell you why, but I recently became obsessed with the idea of a cage match between Blossom Russo and Clarissa Darling. I cannot remember a single thing about calculus -- which I studied for four months during my freshman year of college -- and would be hard-pressed to correctly state my grandmother’s birthday, yet my brain is able not only to name two television characters from long-gone '90s sitcoms but also finds the space to store their respective physical and mental strengths in order to handicap the outcome of an imaginary fight. It’s incredible that I haven’t yet wiped out my basic motor skills in order to memorize more Bel Biv Devoe lyrics, or stopped my heartbeat by stocking my brain stem with potential band names based on my 6th grade stationery preferences (Lisa Frank and the Trapperkeepers, anyone?) ...more

For most gimmicky never-seen character, how could you leave out Charlie of Charlie's Angels?!more

Are YOU addicted to technology?

Like other substance addicts, tech-crazed geeks live in a state of denial. Let's face it, if you're reading Gizmodo, you're probably addicted to technology to some degree. But just how addicted are you? Take this simple test to find out. ...more

Know Your Product and You Consumer

Understanding what your female consumer likes is vital to you company. What product or service you can offer her to make her life easier? Now take that a step further and determine how you can delight her online. So, imagine a day in her life. From start to finish, what does she do, and what does she need to accomplish her daily tasks? Find out where she’s going online—and be there. What does she read online? Where does she spend her time? But perhaps most important, subscribe to blogs and e-newsletters within ...more