Who is the R&B Sensation T.P.?

Excerpt, "You see what I mean? Presence, pitch, comfort, delivery, range, screaming fans, seems like a lot for a 12 year old but his mom’s name is Miss Hollywood. If Hollywood can’t teach you how to deal with lights, camera and fame, no one can. Miss Hollywood: Would you believe that doctors told me he would never talk? Me: What? How old was he then? ...more

What D'Angelo's Comeback Says to Me About Living My Best Life

I am a big fan of singer D'Angelo. I have been, since he emerged with his first album, Brown Sugar, in the mid-90s. His smooth, instrumentation, soulful vocals, and lyrics of love and life that seem simple until you sit down and think about the emotions that drive them and how they play out in your life... I fell in love with the whole musical package. ...more
 @Linda Anselmi Linda, I'm terribly late, but thank you so much for this ribbon! I am working on ...more

If you got Swagger and you like to Dance listen to Laz and Cat’s Swagger Dance

If you like New Boyz’ Jerk and Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How to Dougie, listen to Laz and Cat’s new single “SWAGGER DANCE”. You can copy the Jerk or the do the Dougie, but if you got your own swagger you can make your own dance. And that’s what SWAGGER DANCE is all about, it’s about making your own dance move and having the confidence, or swagger, to do it no matter how crazy or ridiculous it is....more

Boston Hip-Hop Group “Laz and Cat” Releases “Tricity Vol. 1” + Airplay and HD Videos!

Check out the Newest, The Hippest, Most Freshest Hip Hop music act coming out of Boston, LAZ & CAT!  Their new release, "Tricity Vol. I," off their music label, Triceptus Studios, features a new crop of New England Hip-Hop and R&B artists including Jayo-City, The General, Mugsy , Ms....more

Tricity Vol. 1. is available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as other retailers including: ...more

Listening Room # 5 – Sade – Diamond Life

Sade - Diamond Life (1985) on CBS/Portrait Records Continuing with the saxophone solos I heard on the previous Motels post, Sade (Shah-Day)seemed like a nice way to show how one instrument can work so magically with two different music genres. Here on Sade's debut album, one cannot help chill out to the smooth bass and sultry saxophone on the record. "Smooth Operator" the album's first track, is perhaps one Sade's best know works, but this album is full of sensible tunes for anyone on a quiet, stormy November evening. ...more

New Multi-Cultural Educational/Entertainment show begins airing Sept. 5

Hey all you Music lovers out there! What do The Jazz Crusaders, India.Arie, Wyclef Jean, Amy Grant, CECE Winans, Roberta Flack, Donnie McClurkin and Jon Secada have in common? They are all performing, showing their videos, interviewing and/or appearing on the all new multi-cultural music television show, Yhur Music TV  (not spelled Your Music TV, its spelled YHUR Music TV) coming your way this season! ...more

I found some new India.Arie tracks never heard before on Amiel’s PUSH-ON CD

Neo-Soul sensation and multi Grammy winner India.Arie can be found on some new tracks (Israel Skies, Kiesha and Babies to Angels) you may not have heard yet on the new "Push-On" CD by AMIEL. Spreading the message of positive thinking, holistic health, life skills management, effects of sound, righteous leadership and sound relationships, Amiel has put out an amazing piece of work with this album. Add India to it and you have a hands down hit record! ...more

Talking storytelling and inspiration with Kevin E Taylor

While television is full of "reality" shows, few shows get into the real lives and struggles of prominent people the way that BETJ's Parallel Paths does. ...more