Let's Do More than Just End the R-Word

Last year, I let this day slip by. I'd written about it the three previous years. I spend a lot of my time trying to create empathy for people (all people), and this -- the casual disregard for people with intellectual disabilities, the widespread belief in our society that people with disabilities are disposable -- hurts. It isn't the word that hurts -- though it does -- it's the WORLD that hurts. ...more
Great read. As a people, we need to learn to love. Having a sense of humor is not a bad thing. ...more

R-Word: Spread the Word to the End the Word

While LaughingMom.com generally features posts with a humorous angle, I occasionally write posts which fall under the category “No Laughing Matter”. ...more


 I know someone who still says, "nigger". That word that is so offensive that I hesitate to even type it, let alone say it. But he does. He says it when he feels like saying it. He says it because he thinks it's funny, he says it because he's from Texas. He's also literally close to 100 years old. He says it because he likes getting a rise out of people....more

Quit Being So Dang Ugly!

Lately it seems as though I keep finding ugly people everywhere I go. They are everywhere!! At the grocery store, on the soccer fields, at the veterinarian, in the school parking lot. I can't escape the ugly people. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ok, so maybe they aren't so much ugly people, as they are beautiful people who are acting ugly. Today while I was picking my son up from school, there was a young man trying to get through the parking lot. He had accidentally started going the wrong way....more

Autism: From Outrage to Activism

My son has autism. He's also quite lucky: he goes to a great school for students who need behavioral accommodations, is instructed by a teacher who both likes and understands him, and is supported by an extended team of curriculum supervisors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and 1:1 aides. He has an iron-clad IEP (Leo cheat sheet and detailed Individualized Educational Plan), which everyone on his team constantly refers and defers to. ...more

Ange, thank you for thinking beyond your own family and taking action. Inspiring!

Beth ...more