White Mother, Black Daughter

There’s that tired old adage, which never seems to go away. “I’m not racist, my best friend is black!” This makes me cringe.Well, it’s become an oddly pertinent adage for me now, for a completely different reason. I can’t allow myself to be racist, my daughter is mixed. For the record, yes, I am her biological mother (so the next time you see us on the street and feel compelled to ask, that’s your answer), and her father is black....more

My Son Is Mutating!

We've been living here in the mid-South for close to three years now.  When we moved from Chicago to Nashville, my son was in Pre-K and now, he's going to be in second grade this coming school year.  Three years.  Three years was all it took for what I've long dreaded to finally happen. I think my son has begun to pick up the Southern accent....more

What Are We Learning During Black History Month?

Fred Shuttlesworth,(1922-2011), was the pastor of the Birmingham, Alabama First Baptist Church who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He organized the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in 1956 and also helped head the movement to integrate Birmingham's schools, offices, and public facilities. This was my latest facebook status as I had declared to not only educate myself and family but all of my facebook world on the great African Americans in history throughout the month....more

Apparently, There Are Snakes On A Plane - Man Hits Child On Delta Plane

A man.  A white man.  A drunken white man...This man slapped a baby, a black baby, and called him the n-word....more

We Should Close All Public Schools And Save Our Tax Dollars!

There seems to be an uproar over a 3rd Grade Math question in Georgia.  I mean even Whoopi Goldberg made it out to be a big deal on The View!...more
@Lucy's Reality A lot of black people don't like Black History Month because they see it as a ...more

A Mixed-Race Family Endures Harsh Glares, Comments From Strangers

Imagine a gorgeous 37 year-old mom, her husband and two young daughters. In every way, they are a typical American family, raising their kids and working hard. Except, there is one thing that separates them from many other families.  They are forced to fend off racist, intrusive comments from strangers every time they leave the house together. Why? Because they are a mixed-race family, African American and white, with two mixed-race daughters. One of their daughters has blond hair and blue eyes.  ...more

Multiracial with blue eyes/blond hair - some think it's impossible

So as I was browsing for some information for my next blog post, and I came across something interesting. I saw a question posted on Yahoo Answers and it stated,"A hapa with blue eyes? Or are they fake (contacts)"...more

Mulatto or Mixed-Race?

In an ongoing series on mixed-race identity, The New York Times reports that the term ‘mulatto’ is making a comeback among 20-somethings. As a 40-something, I despise the term ‘mulatto’ and consider it offensive. The history of the word stems from our country’s legacy of slavery and racism when mixed-race people who were any part African American were ‘mulatto’....more

You said that, "The history of the word stems from our country’s legacy of slavery and racism ...more

The National Racism Free Zone Institute

http://www.racismfreezone.com ...more


Touchy Subjects: Thinking about Race

I'm closing in on seven years of living in Victoria, BC in Canada. Prior to this I had pretty much lived my entire life in Southern California--most recently San Diego. Besides missing my family terribly, I really miss the racial and ethnic diversity. I need to add that I am Mexican-American and self-identify as Latina. My family has been in the US for three generations. My partner and I joke about how we are a NAFTA family, as he is Canadian. Our two girls have citizenship in both countries. Victoria is a predominantly homogenous community and we knew that when we relocated here....more