Do White People Need a Civil Rights Organization?

Originally posted on“Why can we have organizations like the NAACP but no organizations for white people?”...more

What Makes Cultural Appropriation Offensive?

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comAs I am fervently interested in equality and human rights, I read a lot of blogs that follow those topics. Frequently, I will read articles involving events of cultural appropriation, a phenomenon I just can’t wrap my mind around....more

Intersecting Jeopardy

A homeless woman from Scottsdale, Arizona named Shanesha Taylor lost her kids to Child Protective Services because she was desperate to get a job she had been offered.  Seriously. When Shanesha Taylor: “got asked to come in for a job interview last Thursday, she must have been excited by the prospect. But when you’re homeless, there isn’t always an easy way to take an hour off from watching your kids to be at an interview. ...more

Cat Colony on the Bluff

Fog socked in the bay, the first hint that the end of summer might be near. Jogging along the path that hems the bluffs, I repeated thankful prayers that the heat might finally be ending. All the talk of pumpkins and colored leaves would no longer make me angry once the heavy blanket of summer temperatures lifted.As I approached the familiar faded sign threatening a $500 fine for anyone who abandons a domestic animal, a moving shape in the brush caught my eye. Slowing down to a walk, I recognized the leonine gait and tiger stripes of a cat....more