Good White Person: Start Where You Are

For the past eight months, people in Milwaukee have been waiting for an official determination of whether a police officer would be charged with shooting and killing an unarmed man he found sleeping in a public park. From the way I phrase that, which was, intentionally, the most neutral way I could frame it, you can probably tell that I was hoping for charges, and maybe, if you are an experienced observer of police-community relations, you already know that the officer was white and the dead man was black....more
First off, I want to say that I do believe racism is still apart of society today which is crazy ...more

The Mosaic of the Black Experience

My first year of undergrad was an eye-opening experience. Coming from a life where I expected people outside of my community to assume I barely finished high school or be shocked that I had been playing the violin for 12 years, I was shocked to meet other Black people who felt the same way. One girl in particular was convinced her race fit all stereotypes. Granted, I claim to do some of these stereotypes (not necessarily the REALLY bad ones) but I was in shock of her silent self-hate....more

Modern Race Relations 101: A Primer for White People

courtesy of samurairacer.blogspot.comWell before the Trayvon Martin&nb...more

Mother to Son

 Preparing for Civics Class today, I learned that August 28 is not only the day I met my second favorite guy, but the day that Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr marched on Washington D.C. and delivered one of the most memorable speeches in history....more

The Me I Used To Be- Life Lessons of the Young

Riding the bus was an exciting prospect for me. The year before, I'd gone to a school outside our school district. My mom drove me to school. Getting to ride the bus was new and exciting. I couldn't wait. I remember walking to the bus stop, eager to ride the bus for the first time. Getting onto the bus was a prospect in itself. My legs were small; the bus steps were not. Everything was wonderful....more

Talking To Your Kids About Race

For months and months we've been on "racial cruise control" in our house.  We've traveled in the same circles, visited the same people and overall, those we encountered didn't think or look twice when our multi-colored family entered the room.  I had actually forgotten that having a multi-colored family instantly makes us a billboard for race relations.  Then came last week.  Last week I believe I had a sign on my head that said, "Enter into major discussions about race with me, please." ...more
What a flash back your piece was for me. Having spent my early parenting years with a blond blue ...more

Since Loughner didn't haver a prayer rug...the Media refuses to call him a Terrorist

The tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona have left our country shaken to the core. I sat glued to my television on Saturday afternoon, flipping channels as I soaked up the coverage. Representative Gabby Giffords was originally pronounced dead by several media outlets but she miraculously survived a gunshot to the head by gunman Jared Lee Loughner.  Representative Giffords was holding her regular “Congress on your Corner “  with her constituents at a Safeway grocery store. Six were killed and 13 wounded on Saturday. ...more

Misplaced Guilt

A few weeks ago, there seemed to be an unusual burst of stories about Haitians in the news. As with most news stories, most of it was very bad stuff. ...more

Not bad for an American

My husband, a first generation immigrant, and I were talking about a mutual friend the other day and he made the statement, “For a person who was raised in the US, she’s very polite.” I asked him what he meant and when he didn’t elaborate, I assumed he has the feeling that Haitian children who are raised here have a tendency to only follow American norms – which can be misconstrued as rude....more

Intersection: Two Lives in a Parking Lot

I watch the full grocery cart as it all but runs away from the dark little bow-legged old woman in the Whole Foods parking lot. Her low braid dances down her back as she hurtles behind it. ...more