No Child Left Behind Waivers and the Future of U.S. Education

Three main variables in education policy -- all recently in flux and one still in need of details -- will affect how the nation's neighborhood schools are run within the next several months. President Obama has framed investment in education as having the potential to power a renaissance in American cultural and technological pre-eminence -- or, if we miss this opportunity, to toss aside decades of innovation as other nations out-achieve us. ...more
Most teachers hate the NO Child Left Behind Legislation and feel it is irrelevant to the needs ...more

Why Race to the Top is Encouraging a Race to the Bottom

My mother was a teacher for 40 years. If she were alive today, she might want to offer our President a time out and few choice words for what he is helping to do to her cherished profession. ...more

I was a teacher, too. Race to the Top may not be the ideal answer, but the problem with ...more