Is she really the Wii Fit girl? We'll never tell, but celeb trainer Ashley Borden's eco-sensitive workout tips inspire us to get

  Got abs? NIKE Elite Athlete and spokesperson for Nintendo’s Wii Fit Ashley Borden is a Los Angeles based fitness expert who works with clients like Mandy Moore, Natasha Bedingfield and Ryan Gosling (yum). ...more

Save My Ass or Save the Environment?

Six weeks and one day ago (not that anyone’s counting), I became a vegetarian. A pescatarian to be exact, since I could give up the thrice-weekly chicken and occasional In-N-Out, but sushi? C’mon. ...more

Happy Organic Birthday to You!

It’s been a month of birthdays for the Sarnoff family. First there was my husband’s 40th surprise party, which ended up with a karaoke performance of “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” complete with lifts. (Yes, tequila was involved.) Then, my daughter turned eight, and we hosted a five-girl, two-movie sleepover party. (No tequila, but an equally painful morning after.) ...more

Think that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing will blow your diet for the week? Think again. These raw desserts are actually good

Think that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing will blow your diet for the week? Think again. Eco Chef Ani Phyo’s desserts are actually good for you. But before we get to the cake, let’s talk about the chocolate. ...more

Post-Katrina Environmentalism in New Orleans: Can I Get An Organic Sno-Ball With That?

I spent last week with my family in New Orleans where people still feel the wake of Hurricane Katrina. That was five years ago but there are areas where the city looks like some kind of Potter-esque villain pointed a wand and waved a swath of nothingness across a neighborhood. No cars. No trees. No people. Not even a stray dog. Just empty houses, and the scary-crazy hidden squatter-y things that go on in them. ...more

New Orleans and environmentalism--such a juxtaposition, and yet such a ...more