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Apply. Lick. Repeat. Before meeting, after eating and, dangerously, while driving, we women spend a lot of time applying lipstick or lip gloss to our lips. And according to the Environmental Working Group, all that licking means the average woman eats about nine pounds of the stuff over her lifetime. Nine. Pounds. ...more

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Every time the power goes out, we stumble around looking for a flashlight that hasn’t run out of battery juice. Imagine what would happen in a true emergency? Given the government’s standards for preparedness we’re woefully unprepared. They recommend storing, among other items: ...more

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Got sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, 76% of Americans experience symptoms of sleep disorders on a regular basis, making sleep disorders the most common health problem in the United States. ...more

Teen girls use 17 beauty products containing up to 13 carcinogenic chems. Go toxin-free, plus 20% off on convo.

Think our kids are exempt from toxic cosmetics? Think again. With 10-year-old Malia and eight-year-old Sasha Obama currently our Washington tweens-in-residence, all eyes are upon this 20 million strong generation of eight-to-12-year-olds. Especially beauty marketers. ...more