Clothes made from milk? We found them. And so did Hollywood. When your debut collection is this gorgeous, word gets out.

What do you do when you hear someone’s making clothing from milk? Not just any clothing, mind you, but pieces like the stunning, body-skimming evening gown accented with vintage pailettes that Anne Hathaway wore for a sex-sells, Oscar-pushing Los Angeles Times Magazine photo shoot, which obliterated any memories of the actress in a tiara? ...more

The hautest non-toxic nail colors, free bottle exchange + fold-up pocket-sized flip flops made from recycled tires at 20% off.

Did you know that the nail care industry still produces polishes with known toxins formaldehyde, toluene and even dibutyl phthalate, which is banned in the EU because it causes birth defects? Some even manufacture one version for American distribution and another free of these “big three” toxins that’s destined for the European market. ...more

An exclusive with Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse, plus recycled metal jewelry for the Humane Society at 15% off.

If you ever doubt your power to change the world, think about this: The 82 millions moms in this country represent $2.1 trillion dollars spent each year—about 15% of our country’s economy—and make 85% of household buying decisions. When they decide to go green, they’ll shift the whole economy! ...more

Is oil a dirty word? Not when it comes to your hair. Try essential oils that leave your scalp glowing and hair flowing.

Is oil a dirty word? Not when it comes to hair. According to experts, the more nourishing oil you put on, the less oil your scalp produces and the healthier your hair becomes. And there’s no one who’s more of an authority on the subject than Carla Gentile, owner of Steam Salon in Los Angeles, CA. ...more

The short list of sustainable baby essentials from, plus 10% off on a fire retardant-free natural crib mattress.

We love The Cradle, an online destination for pregnant and new parents that’s just chock full of sound, sustainable advice. Content Director Laurie Grossman gave us her short list of baby essentials that she’s crushing on. With a three-year-old and five-month-old at home, she knows from what moms need! Laurie said: ...more