Rachel Maddow Is My Imaginary Friend. So What?

Raise your hand if you need someone to help you work through real life issues and provide comfort in our rapidly growing (and sometimes scary) world. Oh, all of us? You’re goddamn right we do!As I child, I never had an imaginary friend — which is weird, considering I was exactly the type of kid who you’d expect to have one. Fond of complex imaginary games and daydreaming, I was the kid you could count on to wander away from the class and get lost on a field trip to the museum....more

Michael Moore on Wisconsin's Union-Busting: Is This War?

"Unrest in the Midwest" is probably an understatement. Wisconsin passed its union-busting bill through the Senate without having a quorum, and the citizens are -- understandably -- a bit upset. While they were busy protesting last night in Madison, Michael Moore appeared on Rachel Maddow's show to talk about what all of this means. And he didn't mince words: "This is war." ...more

(Well, that's the CLEAN response I would give to this uprising but!) I live a stone's throw ...more

(VIDEO) Dining While Gay: It's Legal in Some States to Refuse Service for Homosexuality

Did you see ABC's show What Would You Do? hosted by John Quinones last week? One of its segments featured families with gay parents in a restaurant and a loud waiter harassing them. Despite the children at the gay couple's table showing distress, most of the customers observing remained silent, later saying it was not their business how the people were treated. (I wonder how many of these people think it's their business if a gay couple wants to marry.) ...more

I appreciate your comment. It gave me a chance to tell why I think some reality shows help and ...more


Mercifully, we're approaching the end of this campaign, a time to reflect on what we've learned: 1. Nothing should be taken for granted. Think Hillary. 2. Relationships can be destroyed by political disagreements. The evidence is you can't persuade anyone, most notably relatives, to share your point of view. Better to make calls to the battleground states. 3. Scandals and gossip don't stick. However significant they may appear while being discussed on cable news shows, they don't necessarily undermine a candidacy unless you're Gary Hart or John Edwards. ...more