I Identify With My Husband's Culture, But I Still Think Rachel Dolezal is Wrong

When I heard about Rachel Dolezal in the news, I couldn't keep my eyes off of all the news stories and opinions in my Facebook stream. I find the story fascinating, yet tragic at the same time. Image Credit: PBS...more
Muy bueno, me ha gustado mucho tu forma de ver la vida, suerte en la vidamore

If I Was Rachel Dolezal's Mother

As per usual, I identify with the parents. It is a very bitter pill to swallow to have an adult child completely repudiate her past and, in so doing, her origins, her upbringing, her parents, whatever roots she must have had as a child. The countless dinners, holidays, school events, late homework nights, prom dates, college applications, the work of  raising a child, pretty much tossed because it didn't fit Rachel Dolezal's new identity....more

I'm Not Black. Why Do You Care?

Racial identity is a personal issue that is currently hot topic within the Latino and African-American (Black, depends on with whom one is speaking and how he or she chooses to identify) communities. PBS aired a popular documentary called "Black in Latin America" which explores the "influence of African descent on Latin America". There is tension among Latinos and African-Americans....more
SybilleBless Human is a "race". Dominican Republic is a multi-ethnic nation (where the ...more

Feast of Words: A Literary Potluck (Jan 4, San Francisco)

Join co-hosts Lex Leifheit & Irina Zadov for a monthly dinner party where writers and foodies come together in an art gallery to eat, write, and share. Discover local chefs & writers, bring a dish on our monthly theme, and participate in a quick-write competition for edible & literary prizes! Tickets are $10 in advance, $5 with a potluck dish, or $12 at the door and include refreshments and delicious eats. Cash bar. House opens at 6:30pm. January's theme is "Blurred Identity" and the prize is AMAZING, every foodie's dream! ...more