Sh*t Canadians Say to Aboriginal Women

[Editor's Note: The stories of Native American (or Aboriginal Canadian) women never seem to get enough coverage by the mainstream media. This video is worth a watch. --Grace] ...more
Ugh.  Just ugh.  I didn't realize this was such a problem.more

"Positive Stereotyping" is Not Positive

Five minutes before I sat down to write a blog post yesterday, four-and-a-half year old “Emmie” and I stood on the pool deck of our local YMCA, waiting for her swim class to begin.  A dozen or so senior citizens finished their aquatic exercise class and climbed out of the pool, and Emmie and I moved aside to allow one of the men in the class to retrieve his towel and flip-flops. After claiming his belongings, the man stepped in front of us and stopped.  He turned to me.  “Where’s she from?” he asked. ...more