Fueling With Real Food Series, Part 1: Dates

In my relatively short running experience, one thing that I’ve learned is that as much as I like to fuel long runs with gels and sports drinks, they don’t always like me. They give me horrible stomach pains and as convenient as they are,  the hippie in me would rather fuel with foods that are natural and have ingredients that I can pronounce rather than something created in a lab....more

Inspiration For Both Sexes: Women Race Car Drivers

In the 1940s when motor racing began to gain popularity in the US and other parts of the world, it was strictly a male affair.Perhaps this was attributed to the temperamental nature of cars, the enormous physical demands required to wrestle cars around a track and the high probability of disfigurement or even death....more

Women in Motorsports

Scan the lists of drivers and riders in motorsports and you’ll see competitors from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Which is great – but with all that diversity one thing is seriously lacking - women....more

Race Report: PPTC Cherry Tree 10-miler

Yesterday I ran the Prospect Park Track Club Cherry Tree 10-miler with Tracy and Tara. Actually, it might be more accurate to say I ran the race thanks to them....more

I'm Not Sorry

Here's a topic I've been wanting to address for a while lately: apologies.  Specifically, women, apologies, and exercise.  It's something I've danced around a bit, especially when I've posted about group running, but not something I've had a chance to address directly yet.  Until now!(How ominous is that introduction?  I hope very, because this post isn't meant to be ominous at all and I think some incongruity is in order.)...more

Definitely- men never say things like that, even when they do suck at tennis :p This is ...more

Running: when not to listen to your body

What do you think about it? (read the article here)...more

Italy's Giro d'Italia - Off Course?

This past week, we saw the start of the famous bicycle race, Italy's Giro di Italia.  According to Wikipedia, the Giro di Italia is:...more

What I Learned About Writing from Bestselling Mystery Writer Dick Francis

When I was in college trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I dabbled in writing.  I wanted to be a writer, but I was afraid to be a writer.  Afraid to make mistakes, afraid to show my work, afraid to put anything down on paper that might expose too much of who I was. Then I read the mystery novel Reflex, by Dick Francis. ...more

I think you just sold a book for Francis. I'll add him to my bookshelf.


Are You Too Hard On Yourself?

I am. When I race and when I screw up, which can seem to be pretty often, I am harder on myself than anyone else is. There have been many times I wished I had remembered to put a paper sack in the car to wear over my head when I came back up the return road. One of these days I may do that just to give the guys at the time slip booth something to laugh at.I must think that everyone including the guy getting popcorn saw my mistake and must be laughing hysterically at me. What do I think they are going to do, boo me or something?...more

Protecting Your Children’s Hearing At The Track

I love the sport of drag racing and I love the fact that my son, now 18 months old loves the race cars and the track. I hope someday when he’s older he’ll say with pride that both his mommy and daddy drag race and he gets to go with us. I hope we’ll be viewed as the “cool parents” someday. One thing I hope we won’t be called though, are the parents who don’t love their child enough to protect him from the dangers of the loud noise from the sport. ...more