What Does a Criminal Look Like?

Some See My Son as Black, Even Though He Is Mixed-Race

I confess to feeling safe because my kids’ biracial genes have given them lighter skin, but my family cannot run away from racism....more
I am glad that you told your story. I stopped reading blogs here at Blogher for a while after ...more

Realizing the Comforts of My Color: Thoughts on White Privilege

She came from nowhere, it seemed, and slipped away in the same smooth and silent way. We were at the donut shop's counter, being treated to coffee by one of the people we were visiting.  His wallet was out, and suddenly she was there, at his side, all creased chocolate skin and curls spiraling with gray and—this is what has stayed with me—dark and haunted eyes. Image Credit: Christine H. via Flickr...more
Jeana theempressandthefool You might go back and read my comment again to see that I am a ...more

I'm Black, Not An Alien

My entire life I have been surrounded by white people, and in school I was one of the few black students, from elementary through high school. That instantly made me the spokesperson for black people everywhere....more
What a great article! I'm married to a Jewish man and upon finding this out, a woman at work ...more

I Confess: I've Used the "N" Word Before

I was going to write a blog post about how I catch myself being extremely negative and thinking I am totally worthless, and in my head, I’ll think, “Nigga, please.” Note: I would NEVER, EVER use this word to refer to another person. I am the person this is directed to, in the privacy of my own home. I use it to snap myself out of feeling anxious or depressed. I take the phrase to mean, “Dude, I love you enough to be honest. You’re being ridiculous and too hard on yourself....more

Why It Is NEVER All Right to Call Someone a "F-ing Terrorist"

My husband and I recently took our daughter and a dozen of her friends to the movies. It was a children’s movie matinée. Our group took up an entire row in the theatre, and so I sat right in front of the kids. A few minutes before the show began, a visible minority family walked in and sat next to me, one seat down. The lights dimmed and the previews started. We were off to a great start. The kids sat behind us munching on their popcorn, slurping their drinks, eager to see the movie start....more
Fariha, your message is so important and yet so hard to transmit.  Because it is evil people (I ...more

Is Solidarity for White Women?

This is not the post I was originally going to write. My original post was going to be something along the lines of There Is a Problem With the Miley Cyrus Performance, But its Not What People Are Talking About. Which is a ridiculously long title, so it's a good thing I got pushed in another direction. ...more
yes, that magical moment where we learn to hold the space and let the speaker tell it, without ...more

Bill de Blasio is Apparently Racist

Bill de Blasio is ruining American politics. Never in American history has a politician used his *gasp* family to gather votes. Not once has a politician used such a nefarious trick to paint himself as a family man, to gain favor with his constituents. Wait, what's that, Google Image Search?...more

The Zimmerman Trial: Racism Isn’t Just An American Thing

If you’ve been following the news, as I have and do, you’ll know that yesterday, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case was due to come down. The case has been one of great media interest and public outcry. A 17-year-old black boy was followed and shot because George Zimmerman, a white man who fancied himself a “neighbourhood watch cop”, decided he looked suspicious....more

The KKK: How Their Party--the Democrats--Proudly Supports the Rights of the People!

Shocker? I think not. Please, Democrats, tell me more about how us Republicans are "racist"! Oh, and by the way...times have NOT changed! Harry Truman...more